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Students who complete their freshman and sophomore coursework at GHC before transferring to universities as juniors are making a smart move: they attend smaller classes with more individual instruction from dedicated faculty with advanced degrees whose primary job is to teach, not to do research. They also pay about half as much tuition and earn similar or higher GPAs compared to students who begin their college experience at the university.

Higher quality, lower cost: GHC is a great investment in the future.


Degrees We Offer:

Associate in Arts (AA) -
This degree requires courses primarily from the liberal arts area which are transferable to senior institutions.  It is appropriate for students who will ultimately seek a bachelor degree from a four year college or university.  A student transferring with an Associate in Arts degree enters all Washington public and many private four-year institutions with junior-level standing and all general education requirements satisfied. Degree Outcomes

Associate in Business - Direct Transfer Agreement (AB-DTA) -
This degree is for students who intend to secure a bachelor degree in business from a four-year college or university.  Students who complete the AB-DTA degree will have satisfied the lower division general education requirements and lower division business requirements at the baccalaureate institutions. It does not, however, guarantee admission to Washington public baccalaureate schools of business. Degree Outcomes

Associate in Science - Transfer (AS-T Track 1 and AS-T Track 2) -
The Associate in Science degree is intended for the student planning to transfer to a four-year institution to pursue a professional or pre-professional program. The basic requirement is to complete the departmental requirements at the institution to which the student intends to transfer. Degree Outcomes

Associate in Pre-Nursing Direct Transfer Agreement Major Related Program (APN-DTA-MRP) -
This degree requires completion of a minimum of ninety credits in academic courses numbered 100 or above with a minimum of 2.0 cumulative GPA, plus three physical education requirement course.  Students interested in this degree should plan their program based on where they will transfer. Degree Outcomes

Associate in Science (AS) -
The Associate in Science degree is intended for the student planning to transfer to a four-year institution to pursue a professional or pre-professional program.  With an advisor's help, the degree can be tailored for students planning to major in Architecture, Medicine, Chiropractic, Natural Resources, Criminal Justice, Naturopathic Medicine, Dental Hygiene, Optometry, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Fisheries, Physical Therapy, Forestry, Veterinary Medicine, Medical Technology. Degree Outcomes

Associate in Applied Science Registered Nursing Degree -
The Nursing Program offers three (3) options for prospective students: Certificate of Completion, Associate in Applied Science Registered Nursing, and Nursing Assistant Training. The Nursing Program has a competitive admission process. Nursing Program Applications are available during the application period each year. LPNs who wish to complete the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Registered Nursing must apply for admission to the second year of the program. Admission is on a space available basis. Degree Outcomes

GHC online Application for Admission  To begin your application for admission, first create an account with the Web Admissions Center.


Online Courses and Degrees We Offer:

Earn your degree from home
GHC offers many courses online which can be applied to any degree the same way as the equivalent face-to-face courses. We also offer three programs which can be completed fully online:

The Associate of Arts- Direct Transfer Agreement. This degree is appropriate you if you plan to earn a bachelor's degree from a four-year college or university.

Early Childhood Education Certificate of Achievement. The ECE curriculum has been completely revised and updated and is available online through Grays Harbor College. For Fall Quarter, the GHC program offers several classes, focusing on child care basics, health, safety and nutrition, language and literacy, infants and toddlers, family child care, administration of Early Leaning programs and an introduction to Early Childhood Education. Completion of required courses can lead to STARS certification for child care workers.

Once a certificate has been earned, students can select from several other pathways: they could look for a job in an Early Learning setting, continue on to complete an Associate degree at GHC with a focus on education, and then transfer on to earn a bachelors degree with teaching credentials. City U is one of GHC’s four-year university partners and offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education right here on the Harbor.

For more information about Early Childhood Education, contact GHC’s Workforce Education department, 360.538.4011.
Jay Fry is the CityU representative, on the GHC campus Tuesdays and Thursdays, 360.538.2524,

Criminal Justice Associate in Arts Transfer Degree. This program is designed specifically for Stafford Creek Corrections Center professionals.

GHC E-Learning HomeClick here to visit GHC's e-Learning Home.

Reservation-based AA degree
The Grays Harbor College Reservation-based "Bridge Program" is a direct transfer Associate of Arts degree. This AA degree program is taught as a hybrid distance learning program with students taking a combination of online and face-to-face courses. Although this AA degree prepares you for transfer to any publicly funded 4-year college or university, it was designed to articulate with The Evergreen State College's upper division program.



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