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Coffee and Light Refreshment Policy


Grays Harbor College may approve the serving of coffee and light refreshments in the conduct of official state business at certain college-sponsored meetings or events.   This policy is not intended for use with the normal daily business of employees or officials, but rather for special situations or occasions, as determined by the President or his/her designee where:


1.            The purpose of the meeting is to conduct college business provide formal training sessions that benefit the college, or recognize college or employee accomplishments; and


2.            The meeting involves elective or appointive officials, state employees, or others the college is legally authorized to reimburse (RCW 43.03.050; and


3.            The coffee and/or light refreshments are an integral part of the meeting; and


4.            The college obtains a receipt for the actual costs of the coffee and/or light refreshments; and


5.            The college employee responsible for the meeting receives approval by the designated college official for the serving of coffee and/or light refreshments prior to the event.


The Board of Trustees may provide coffee and/or light refreshments at their official public meetings, including executive sessions.


The college is not required to provide coffee and/or light refreshments at meetings.


Grays Harbor College may not make expenditures for coffee and/or light refreshments in the following situations:


1.            For anniversaries of agencies, receptions for new, existing and/or retiring employees or officials, election celebrations, etc.


2.            Any “hosting” activities.  “Hosting’ includes, but is not limited to, those activities that are intended either to lobby a legislator or a governmental official, or are to be a social rather than governmental business event, and include expenditures for coffee and/or light refreshments for those whom agencies are not legally authorized to reimburse.


An employee who is planning to serve coffee and/or light refreshments at a meeting shall complete the Grays Harbor College Hospitality Account Requisition form prior to the meeting.   The form shall include the following information:


1.            Date, place, purpose and attendees of the meeting;


2.            What will be served and the estimated cost;


3.            Vendor name and address;           


4.            Requestor name with signature and date;


5.            Budget number;


6.            Prior approval by the Vice President for Administrative Services.


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