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Grays Harbor College Registration Calendar      

Fall Quarter 2014 

Sept. 16 -17  

New Student Orientation

Sept. 22

First Day of On-Campus and GHC Online Classes  

Sept. 25

WAOL Instruction Begins

Oct. 10

Faculty Professional Day - No Classes

Nov. 11

Veterans Day - No Classes

Nov. 6

“W” Day

Nov. 17

Registration for students with 24+ completed credits begins.*
This date also applies to students who are returning to GHC after being gone for a quarter or more and who have 24 or more completed credits.

Nov. 20

Registration for students with <23 completed credits begins.
This date also applies to students who are returning to GHC after being gone for a quarter or more with fewer than 24 credits completed.

Nov. 27-28

Thanksgiving Holiday - No Classes

Dec. 3

WAOL Instruction Ends

Dec. 8

Last day of classes

Dec. 9 - 11



Grades posted to transcripts

* Winter Quarter Registration for students new to GHC will begin on Monday, December 1st.
New students should make sure you have scheduled an entry advising appointment by calling 360-538-4099.

Winter Quarter 2015 

January 5

First Day of On-Campus and GHC Online Classes  

January 8

WAOL Instruction Begins

January 19

M.L. King Holiday 

February 13
February 16

All College Day  - No Classes
President’s Day Holiday

February 19

“W” Day

March 2

Registration for students with 24+ completed credits begins

March 5

Registration for students with <23 completed credits begins

March 18

WAOL Instruction Ends

March 23

Last day of on-campus and GHC online classes

March 24-26


March 31

Grades posted to transcripts




Spring     2015                          
First day of Classes                                             April 13, 2015
“W” Day                                                               May 28, 2015      (Thursday, 7th week)
Memorial Day Holiday                                      May 25, 2015                                     
Registration for 24+ credits begins                   June 1, 2015
Registration for <23 credits begins                   June 4, 2015
Last Day of Classes                                            June 22, 2015                      
Testing                                                                   June 23-25, 2015
Faculty Preparation Day/Grad                         June 26, 2015      

Summer   2015
WAOL classrooms open                                     June 25, 2015
WAOL enrollment ends                                      July 2, 2015        
WAOL instruction begins                                   July 2, 2015
“W” Day                                                               July 30, 2015 (Thursday, 4th week)
On campus instruction begins (all sites)          July 6, 2015         
On campus instruction ends (6 weeks)            August 13, 2015
WAOL instruction ends (8 weeks)                    August 26, 2014


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