Safety and Security Office


The Safety and Security Coordinator is located in the HUB, room 117 and can be contacted at (360) 538-4120 or at

Reporting an Incident

1. Call 911 for Police, Medic or Fire.

2. Call (360) 532-9020 for GHC Switchboard.  The switchboard has direct radio communications to the Safety and Security Coordinator and Campus Operation Staff.

3. Call (360) 538-4120, for Safety and Security Coordinator or email

4.  For off campus sites, reports can be made to the community education center coordinator.

Reporting an Injury or Accident

Emergency Procedures

Parking Information

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Timely Warnings

In the event that a situation that arises either on or off campus and, in the judgment of the college constitutes an ongoing or continuous threat, a campus “timely warning” will be issued.  Depending on the particular circumstances of the incident, especially in situations that could pose an immediate threat to the community and individuals, the college may employ a number of different mechanisms to notify the campus of the threat. Two primary methods are GHC Alerts and

Sign-up for GHC AlertsGHC Alerts is a subscriber-based system that will send emails and text messages to cell phones, pagers or devices capable of receiving text messages. GHC Alerts is free to users. There may be a fee charged by your service provider for text messaging if it is not already covered in your plan. is used primarily for weather related delays and closures. Information reported to this website is broadcasted on TV and local radio stations. 

Weapons Possession

Possession, transportation or storage of any firearm(s), explosives, dangerous chemicals or other weapons, devices or substances which can be used to inflict bodily harm or to damage real or personal property, is strictly forbidden on all college property.  This does not apply to commissioned police officers as prescribed by law.  WAC 132B-120-040 (16) 

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