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Continuing and returning students now have the option to register for the entire upcoming academic year on the same day.

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New students should schedule an entry advising appointment by calling 360-538-4099

General Information

State Support for Higher Education
The average cost to educate a resident full-time community or technical college student for the 2016-17 academic year is $7,524. Students pay an average of $3,056 in tuition toward this cost. The remaining $4,468 is an “opportunity pathway” provided by the State* and is funded by state taxes and other sources. 

* The Washington Student Achievement Council administers the majority of the state’s student financial aid programs, which are known collectively as Opportunity Pathways. These programs help tens of thousands of students annually earn college credits, certificates, and degrees. The amounts shown are averages for a full-time, resident student. The actual tuition a student pays will vary due to credit load, residency status and other factors.

FAQs -
Web Registration:

What is a Registration PIN? 
A registration PIN, is a six (6) digit number. Students who have completed 23 credits or less (this means graded and on your GHC transcript) will need to see their advisor before they can register. The advisor will give the student the number. Your registration PIN will change every quarter until you transition. 
What is a Global PIN? 
The Admissions and Records Office will send to you a four- to six-digit Global PIN once you become an official student. This PIN provides you access to all of your official, personal information while a student at GHC (i.e. your grades, financial aid info, degree audit, etc) Your global PIN remains the same unless you change. Students who have completed 24 or more credits (this means graded and on your GHC transcript) will use their global PIN to register. 
What is an Entry Code and when do I need one? 
An Entry Code is a special number needed to register for a class on the Web, (or at the Admissions and Records Office) if: 
1. You do not meet the prerequisites listed for a class 
2. The prerequisite listed in "Instructor Permission" 
The instructor of the course issues entry codes. Once you have used an entry code for a class, you cannot reuse it for another class. 
When can I Web Register? 
You can register for classes beginning on dates that are published in the quarterly schedule and sent to each student via their email. 
When can't I register for classes over the Web? 
You cannot register for classes if: 
1. You have an unpaid parking ticket 
2. You have an unpaid fine 
3. You have an outstanding loan due 
4. You owe GHC any other money 
5. You have not received your Registration PIN from your advisor 
6. You have moved and not officially reported your new address to the Admissions and Records Office (you will see a "Bad Address" screen on the computer).
What are the hours of operation for Web Registration? 
Web Registration is available Monday - Friday 8:00am - 9:00pm. 
Is there a maximum number of credits I can register for? 
Yes, students may register for up to 20 credits per quarter. To register for more than 20 credits you must receive approval from the Vice President for Instruction and then register at the Admissions and Records Office. 
Can I register from a computer off-campus? 
Yes, you can register on a computer off-campus. To do so, be sure you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher. Also be sure you are trying to register during the appropriate times and during the days web registration is operational. 
What can I do if I'm having trouble using a computer off-campus to register?
If you are having trouble registering on a computer at home or another off-campus location check the following: 
1. Are you using Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher for a browser? 
2. Are you trying to register after 9:00 pm on a weekday? The system is not available after that time. 
3. Are you using your Registration PIN provided to you by your advisor? 
4. Do you owe the college money? You will be unable to register for classes until all debts are paid in full. 
If you continue to experience trouble, computers are available for registration in open access computer labs and in the library. 
What does the "Waitlist" screen mean?
If a screen appears that asks you if you want to be put on the waitlist for a class, it means that particular class is full. If you enter yes to the waitlist question your name will be added to a list of others who are waiting to get into the class. If an enrolled student drops the class then the first person on the waitlist will be automatically added to the class. You can continue to check your student schedule through the information KIOSK on the web to see if you have been added to the class. 
What does the "Bad Address" screen mean?
If a screen appears while attempting to register that indicates you have a "Bad Address" it means that the college has attempted to send you mail at the address on file with the college and it has been returned. It is important for Grays Harbor College to have correct information on students so your web registration is blocked in order to obtain your current address. To resolve the problem you must register for classes at the Admissions and Records Office in the HUB. 
What does it mean if I get a screen that says I am blocked from registering?
If you enter your PIN and then see a screen that notifies you are blocked from registering, it means you owe the college some money. You may have unpaid parking tickets, unpaid fines or loans, or you may have some other financial obligation to the college. All must be paid before you can web register or before you can register at the Admissions and Records Office. 
How do I print my schedule after registering? 
Click on "View My Schedule" on the left hand side of the screen. When your schedule appears, click on your schedule with the cursor and then click on print. 
Who can I call for help? 
If you experience difficulty with Web Registration you can call the Admissions and Records Office at 360-538-4028
Further information can be obtained in the Office of the Vice President for Student Services.

FAQs -
Online Courses:

GHC Online vs. WAOL classes: What's the difference? 
WAOL (Washington Online) courses are taught by instructors from various colleges and are open to students around the state. Because WAOL courses are utilized by colleges around the state, the schedule for those courses is different than the GHC quarter schedule, with WAOL classes often starting sooner than GHC classes. GHC Online courses are taught by GHC instructors for GHC students, so they are on the same schedule as our face-to-face classes each quarter. 
What is Canvas? 
Canvas is the underlying software used to deliver online courses. This web-based "Learning Management System" is used by all the Community/Technical Colleges and publicly funded universities in Washington. Gaining experience with GHC's online courses will prepare you if you transfer. 
What are "Hybrid" Classes? 
Some instructors will utilize Canvas as part of a 'hybrid' course, where students meet face-to-face as well as participate in class online. 
What courses and degrees are offered online?
GHC offers many courses online which can be applied to any degree the same way as the equivalent face-to-face courses. We also offer three programs which can be completed fully online. 
How do I login?
Your username is your student ID (SID) number- all nine digits, without any spaces or hyphens. 
Your password is the first six letters of you last name. 
If your last name has less than six letters, keep repeating it until you reach six letters. 
For example: If your last name is Cho, your password would be 'chocho' If your last name is Smith, your password would be 'smiths' 
Where can I find more information?
A more comprehensive list of online course topics can be found at
Who can I contact for help? 
Give us a call at 360.538.4085 or send us an email at and one of our e-learning specialists will get back to you as soon as possible! 

This Web page is intended only to provide general information and course schedules. The current Grays Harbor College catalog is the source document for all requirements and procedures affecting students. The catalog should be consulted for details regarding instructional programs, degree or certificate requirements and student responsibilities. “Community College District No. 2 provides equal opportunity in education and employment and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex or handicap in accordance with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1974.”

Photo & Video Policy
Grays Harbor College takes photographs and video recordings on campus throughout the year. These images often include students, employees, and guests in classrooms, computer labs, athletic events, and other campus activities. Grays Harbor College reserves the right to use these photographs and video recordings as part of its publicity and marketing efforts. Those who attend, visit, or work at Grays Harbor College do so with the understanding that these photographs and video recordings might include them and might be used in college publications, newspapers, and other media for publicity purposes.