Workforce Training Programs

Grays Harbor College offers credit workforce education and training for residents of Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties. With open admissions and low tuition policies, GHC provides an excellent opportunity for community members to prepare for new careers, upgrade work skills, and/or further individual interests.

Such training can range from short-term introductory courses in a workforce education discipline to a technical degree program. 

For information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please view our Certificate of Completion Gainful Employment Program Disclosures

To learn more about our workforce degree and certificate program offerings, please read the program information packets listed below, then call (360) 538-4011, or toll-free (800) 562-4830, ext. 4011.

Program Information



Accounting (AAS-T*,AAS, CC), Bookkeeping (CA)


Automotive Technology

Automotive Technology (ATCC, CA levels I, II, III, IV,  V, VI)


Business Management

Business Management (AAS-T*AAS, CC), Small Business/Entrepreneurship (CC), Basic Small Business Skills (CA


Business Technology

Business Technology (AAS, CC), Formatting/Publishing Business Documents (CA), Microcomputer Applications (CA), Microsoft Office Applications (CA), Office Professional Certification (CA), Software Applications (CA


Carpentry Technology

Carpentry Technology (AT, CC), Beginning Carpentry (CA), Advanced Carpentry (CA)


Commercial Food Preparation and Service  (CC, CA)

Commercial Food Preparation and Service (CC)

Basic Food Service (CA), Baking and Pastries (CA), Meat, Poultry and  Seafood Preparation (CA)


Commercial Transportation & Maintenance (CTM)

Commercial Transportation and Maintenance (CC, CA)


Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice (AAS-T*AAS, CC


Diesel Technology

Diesel Technology (AT), Diesel Technology Fundamentals (CC), Advanced Diesel Technology (CC), Diesel Technology (CA levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)


Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education (CC), School-Age Care (CA), Infant-Toddler Care (CA), General (CA), Family Child Care (CA), Administration (CA)


Energy Technology

Energy Technology (AAS-T*AAS), Power Technology (CC), Energy and Innovation Entrepreneurship (CA)


Human Services

Human Services (AAS-T*AAS, CC), Chemical Dependency (AAS-T*AAS, CC), Introduction to Human Services (CA)


Medical Office Administrative Support

Medical Office Administrative Support (CC), Medical Coding (CA)


Natural Resources

Forestry Technician (AAS-T*AAS, CC)



Practical Nursing (CC), Registered Nursing (AAS-T*), Nursing Assistant Training (CA


Occupational Entrepreneurship

Occupational Entrepreneurship (AAS)


Welding Technology

Welding Technology (AT, CC), Related Welding (CC), Welding Basics (CA Levels 1 and 2), Pipe Welding Level 3 (CA), Industrial Welding Level 4 (CA


* The Associate in Applied Science - Transfer (AAS-T) Degree is for students interested in professional-technical programs with the intention of transferring to a 4-year college or university (all credit transferability is not guaranteed).