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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my online classes?
To get to your classrooms:

  • Go to http://www.waol.org
  • Click on the Blackboard button at the top right of the page.
  • Click on the Blackboard Login button on the left of the page.
  • Enter your USER ID and password.
    • Your USER ID is waol plus the student ID number issued to you by Grays Harbor College  (example:  waol23456789)
    • Your PASSWORD is the first five letters of your last name. 

Once you are logged in, you can change your password.

  • You will see a desktop with your name on it.  The classes you are enrolled in will be listed under “My Courses.”
  • Click on the name of your course to begin your work.

Why is it important to enter my bio onto my WAOL class?
Those students receiving financial aid should post a brief biography in their online class(es).  This info is needed to verify that you are actually "attending" the class and each online class has instructions on how to do this.  Post your bio as soon as possible so as not to cause any problems/slowdowns with your financial aid checks.

What time should I arrive for the four Saturday seminars?
Students should plan to arrive by 8:30 am. An all-program gathering takes place at 9 and students then attend their upper division strand course or the Integrating Seminar.
Free childcare is available to the students by prior arrangement. Contact Barbara Smith (smithb@evergreen.edu) or Lorena Maurer if you plan to use child care for the quarter with the names and ages of your children.
Lunch is a brown bag and please bring enough for your child.

Note: The Saturday dates are listed on the "Important dates" page of our website.

Where do I go at TESC?  Better directions?
Longhouse Education and Cultural Center - 2800 Dogtooth Lane NW #A (See: Driving Directions and Evergreen Campus Tour)

How do I get to GHC?
From Seattle – Take I-5 south through Olympia.  Go west on Highway 8 and 12 following signs to Aberdeen/Ocean Beaches.
From Portland – Follow I-5 north to Centralia.  Take Highway 12 just north of Centralia and proceed to Elma taking Hwy 12 west to Aberdeen.
Upon arriving in Aberdeen -  Proceed into downtown following signs to Westport/Grayland and South Shore Mall.  Stay in the left lane.  Turn left onto H street and stay in right lane over the Chehalis Bridge. The right lane has a consistent green light.  Follow the road past South Shore Mall.  The college entrance will be on the left.  Please park in the visitor lot. 

What is an AA degree?
The Associate in Arts degree (AA) is an appropriate degree for students who will ultimately seek a bachelor’s degree from a four-year college or university.  The degree typically requires ninety academic credits in courses numbered 100 or above. (See: Higher Ed At A Glance)

How does the program relate to getting a bachelor’s degree?
Completion of the AA degree will prepare you to enter a 4-year college such as The Evergreen State College. (See: Higher Ed At A Glance)

What if I find the work difficult?
First and foremost, check with your instructor.  Next, seek out your student leader and attend study sessions if you haven’t been doing so.  Also, use your resources.  Finally, talk with Lorena Maurer, lorena.maurer@ghc.edu.

What if I’ve had courses at other colleges?
Contact your previous institutions and arrange to have an official transcript of your work sent to the Admissions Office at GHC, 1620 Edward P. Smith Dr., Aberdeen, WA   98520

When do I apply for Financial Aid?
Each year you must apply for financial aid for the following academic year.  Typically you should complete your financial aid application as soon as you have completed your tax information from the previous year.  The sooner the better but your completed financial aid application should be in the Financial Aid Office by May 1st to receive priority consideration.

What if I have to miss a Saturday meeting or study session? 
This is not good.  You should make every effort to attend these sessions.  You cannot make up work for a Saturday session and it will impair you ability to be successful in your classes.  If you miss a study session, contact your study leader prior to the absence to discuss material you will miss and receive guidance about what to do.

What if I have to withdraw?
We sincerely hope that you do not need to consider a withdrawal from the program.  Should you feel this is necessary, you should talk with your instructor immediately as the instructor has control over whether this is OK to do.  Then, call Lorena Maurer immediately.  He can advise you about financial aid implications and dates that will limit repayment requirements.

What if I need technical assistance w/ WAOL?
Technical assistance can be obtained from WAOL at http://www.waol.org.  Or call 1-888-580-9011 (M-F 8-5) or 24/7 call 1-866-425-8412.  Email address is Wa-online@sbctc.edu.


Contact Information:

For additional information
contact Lorena Maurer at
Grays Harbor College
Toll free: 1-800-562-4830 ext 4090
Fax: 360-538-4293
E-mail: lorena.maurer@ghc.edu


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