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What You Need To Know About Your Award

As a recipient of financial aid funding you are responsible to know the following information:


The award of funds on your Award Notification is based on the completion of the Registration process.  This includes:

1.       Completing the placement test for proper determination of Math, Reading, and English skills; and,

2.       Registering for classes that are required for your eligible degree or certificate program.

Not all classes taught at Grays Harbor College are college level.  GED, Adult Basic Ed and courses numbered less than 100 are not college level, and therefore do not qualify for financial aid.  However, Math, English or Reading courses you must take as a result of your placement test scores do qualify as eligible courses for financial aid funding.


Your Award Notification

1.       Check for errors in your name, address or any other information. When you use the aid you have been awarded, you certify that you agree to and understand all conditions of the award.

2.       You have the right to reject any or all programs awarded to you. You must notify the Financial Aid Office in writing of any programs you wish to reject.

3.       Review the information under Financial Aid Programs to make sure you understand the requirements of each program offered.

4.       Understand all of your responsibilities, including the following:

a.        Your financial aid award will be based on full-time enrollment (12 or more credits each quarter) unless we have notified you otherwise. If you decide to take fewer than 12 credits during a quarter, you must notify our office, in writing, before the beginning of the quarter so we can adjust your award.

b.       Report any address and phone number changes to our office.

c.        Keep the copy of your Award Notification for your records, as well as any revisions we may send you.

Conditions of your Financial Aid Award

To receive the financial aid offered during this academic year, you must agree to and continue to meet the following conditions:

1.       By applying for financial aid and registering for classes you are authorizing us to use your financial aid to pay your tuition and required course fees from your aid programs when your award is completed.  This includes GHC Short-term Loans used to pay tuition.

2.       Enrollment and Withdrawal – You must enroll in the required classes for your eligible degree or certificate program and maintain the required number of credits for your enrollment status each quarter:  Full-time is 12 or more credits, ¾ time is 9-11 credits, ½ time is 6-8 credits and less than ½ time is 5 or fewer credits. These credit requirements apply to all quarters. If you withdraw from school you may have to repay a portion of your financial aid. If you plan to enroll in fewer than 12 credits any quarter you must notify the Financial Aid Office in writing before the beginning of the quarter so we can adjust your award.

3.       Your enrollment status for a quarter will be determined as of 5:00 p.m. on the 5th day of each quarter (or the equivalent day for the shorter summer quarter). Changes to your enrollment through this date may result in an adjustment to your award and may result in your having to repay a portion of the award already received.

4.       Satisfactory Academic Progress – You must maintain satisfactory academic progress to remain eligible for your financial aid award.

5.       Changes in Financial Situations – You must report any changes which affect your total financial resources as they occur. These include changes in your, and/or your parents’, income, marital status, scholarships, veteran benefits or other assistance from off campus agencies.

6.       Insufficient Funding of Aid Programs – This offer of aid depends on Federal and State allocations to the college. If allocations are not sufficient, we may reduce your financial aid award or change the types of aid awarded.


Receiving your Financial Aid

My GHC Card
If you have been awarded enough financial aid to cover your tuition costs, your aid will be used to pay your tuition when you register for classes. You will be responsible for paying any amounts not covered by your financial aid award.

You should plan to use your own funds if you wish to purchase books and supplies before classes start.
look for the bright green envelope from Higher One
If you have financial aid funds left over after your tuition and fees have been paid, you will receive your remaining funds in one of three ways.  You will receive a bright-green envelope from Higher One (Higher One is a partner with GHC in disbursing financial aid funds to students) in the mail, which will have your “My GHC Card” enclosed.  Once you have this card you need to go online to, click “Get Started”, and follow the instructions to choose one of the following payment methods:

  • Option one-Same business day deposit to a Higher One checking account. Money deposited to the account the same business day funds are released by Grays Harbor College to Higher One.

  • Option two- Deposit to another account. Money will be deposited into your account within two to three business days.

  • Option three- Paper check. You will receive your funds within five to seven business days.

You must attend all of your classes to be eligible for your financial aid funds.  If you fail to attend your classes and/or do not earn a passing grade, you may be required to repay some or all of the financial aid funds you received.

There may be a delay in processing your financial aid funds if you are not registered in the correct number of credits, owe a debt to the college or register late. First-time Federal Direct Loan borrowers in their first year at GHC cannot receive their loan funds until 30 days after the beginning of their loan period (1st quarter receiving loan funding).


Your Rights and Responsibilities

Your Rights:

1.       Access to accurate and timely information on financial aid problems, procedures and deadlines.

2.       Access to personal financial aid records and assurance of the confidentiality of family financial information as defined by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

3.       Unless required by law, freedom to accept all or part of the aid offered.  Unless required by law, the award of one form of aid will not be contingent upon accepting another type of aid. You must notify the Financial Aid Office in writing of any aid programs you wish to reject.

4.       Review of your award package if your financial situation, course load or personal status changes. Included in this right is the opportunity for a formal appeal process. To request this review, submit the appropriate form and attach documentation to verify the change in your situation.


Your Responsibilities:

1.       Provide accurate information to the Financial Aid Office.

2.       Satisfy all requirements associated with each type of aid you accept.

3.       Maintain satisfactory academic progress in your eligible degree or certificate program.

4.       Reapply for financial aid at each academic year as soon after January 1st as possible to continue to receive aid for future years. The academic year begins each summer quarter.


Financial Aid Programs

Work Study
Student Loans
Veteran’s Benefits