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What is Work-Study?

The Financial Aid Office, in conjunction with Job Placement services, administers the GHC on-campus and off-campus work programs. Work-Study employment is meant to be a productive experience for everyone involved: the student, the employer, and the institution as well as the community.

To participate, you must complete the financial aid application process, be registered for a minimum of six (6) eligible credits per quarter and maintain satisfactory academic progress. If eligible, you will be awarded a specific amount of Work-Study funds, which will determine the number of hours per week you may work. Depending on the number of hours you work and your rate of pay, it is possible that you may not earn your entire award. Funds that are not earned will not be given to you at a later time.


Goals of the Work-Study Program

  • To provide employment opportunities for eligible students to finance their college education. Students can also get experience related to their area of study and pursue career training.
  • To provide opportunities for student employees to gain on-the-job training and work experience while attending school.
  • To prepare students for future employment by providing experience with hiring, training, supervision, relations with the public and other staff members. Work-Study students can make career decisions and future job placement determinations while attending classes and performing their job duties.


How do I apply for Work-Study?

To be eligible for Work-Study funding, you must complete the financial aid application process with Grays Harbor College and receive a Work-Study award. Work-Study is limited and is awarded on a first come first serve basis. Receiving a Work-Study award does not guarantee you a position. You should make the priority processing deadline and apply early. To find out more about applying for financial aid go to the Financial Aid Office Home Page.

If you are interested in seeking a Work-Study position, visit or call Job Placement services in the Human Resources Office at (360) 538-4218.  The Human Resources Office is located in room 2307 in the 2000 (Jewell C. Manspeaker) Building.

Participation is optional but offers benefits including:

  • Extra money for living and paying your educational expenses
  • The opportunity to try various areas of employment including community service
  • On-the-job training in your field of study


download work-study supervisor PowerPoint presentationWork-Study Supervisor PowerPoint Presentation

Manual for Work-Study Supervisors Work-Study Program Supervisor's Manual