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Michael CooperMichael Cooper, GHC student body president this past year and proud member of the graduating class of 2013 told his fellow classmates, in his Commencement speech,

As we transition from student to alumni we have a responsibility. We are blessed. We have been given a gift. A gift so freely given by a passionate, caring group of very special individuals. It's your time, OUR time, to pay it forward. The next you is waiting…

Michael Cooper came back to the College after being away from an educational setting for years. He received the Marjorie Johnson Scholarship which helped with tuition. His work-study job in the TRiO Student Support program gave him experience in a new field — helping college students find their pathways to success. Earning his Associate degree in Human Services, he will attend The Evergreen State College in the Fall and eventually hopes to work at a college... maybe GHC!

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