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Prior Learning is the knowledge and skills gained through work and life experience; through military training and experience; and through formal and informal education and training at in-state and out-of-state institutions including foreign institutions.

Grays Harbor College awards credit for the following PRIOR LEARNING:


ADVANCED PLACEMENT (AP) Credit:  Description: AP


Students who have taken high school AP (Advanced Placement) classes may be eligible for credit at GHC.  Please have the College Board submit documentation of the test scores directly to the Grays Harbor College Admissions & Records Office, 1620 Edward P. Smith Drive, Aberdeen, WA 98520.  For GHC credits offered by AP score achievement see AP Scores Chart  


CREDIT BY EXAMINATION (CLEP): Description: CLEP Credit Chart


Credit by examination gives you the opportunity to demonstrate college-level achievement through examination.  It may allow you to skip ahead, save money and time. GHC does not offer CLEP testing.  However, it does accept verified CLEP results and awards credit (see CLEP Credit Chart).


MILITARY SERVICE Credit:  Description:


Grays Harbor College recognizes learning acquired in the military. A student may earn credits awarded by institutions listed in the ACE National Guide to Education Credit for Training Programs provided that the courses are at the college level.  For more information, contact the Grays Harbor College Admissions & Records Office, 1620 Edward P. Smith Drive, Aberdeen, WA 98520. 




PROFESSIONAL/TECHNICAL Credit: Description: Workforce training


Credit may be awarded in workforce education programs for experiences and/or competencies gained outside of Grays Harbor College.  After demonstrating competency of certain course learning outcomes through written and/or performance testing, credit may be granted for vocational or professional/technical education taken in proprietary colleges, military service schools or for verifiable journeyman-level work experience.  Contact the instructor of the specific workforce preparation program for more information.


INTERNATIONAL BACCAULAREATE Credit: Description: International Baccalaureate


At this time, Grays Harbor College does not have a policy on accepting credit for International Baccalaureate (IB). Students who wish to use IB exams to obtain credit towards a Grays Harbor College degree, placement in advanced classes, or both, must request a course substitution from the Vice President for Instruction to include an original copy of their test results.


Certain conditions apply to PRIOR LEARNING:

  • The student must be registered at GHC for the quarter in which non-traditional credits are requested.
  • The student must have completed ten quarter credit hours at GHC.
  • Credits awarded are identified as such on the student’s transcript, and are not calculated into the GPA.
  • Non-traditional credits do not count toward residence requirements.
  • The number of non-traditional credits awarded cannot exceed 25% of the total number of credits for a degree or a

Transferability of these credits to other colleges will be subject to the policies of the receiving institution.




Grays Harbor College also awards credit through these DUAL CREDIT PROGRAMS:


Credit:  Description: Washington Tech Prep Home


Tech Prep is a partnership between Grays Harbor College and local high schools, providing high school students with the opportunity to enhance their futures. It is an in-the-high-school vocational-technical initiative, combining high school and college classes into a unified course of study, giving high school students a solid start in earning a community college certificate or degree.  For more information see TECH PREP


RUNNING STARTGHC Running Start Program


Running Start is a program that allows 11th and 12th grade students to take college courses at Washington's 34 community and technical colleges.  Students earn both high school and college credits for these courses, thus accelerating their progress through the education system.   Running Start students and their families do not pay tuition, but they do pay mandatory fees, buy their own books, and provide their own transportation. For more information, students interested in Running Start see GHC RUNNING START or contact their high school counseling office.



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