Welcome to Grays Harbor College.  You are a valued member of our college community.  This guide's purpose is to acquaint you with some of the services available to you as a member of the Grays Harbor College community.  This guide will also acquaint you with some of the procedures necessary to administer your course and your part time employee relationship with the college community.

Grays Harbor College has served our community since 1930.  Your willingness to share your time, experience and expertise with the college and the students in your class is a generous community service.  We want that service to be a productive and positive experience for you and your students.

Grays Harbor College offers courses to over 4,000 students each year.  The college operates the Whiteside Educational Center in downtown Aberdeen, and centers in Ilwaco, Raymond, and Elma.  In addition, the college offers courses in local high schools in Taholah, Ocean Shores, Westport, and at other locations in our two county service area.  More than 80 part-time instructors are employed each academic quarter.  Your students may be interested in earning a GHC degree or certificate; they may register for courses and seminars in order to develop or upgrade job and professional skills; they may be interested in cultural enrichment, personal development, and fitness and leisure skills.  GHC students may be learning to speak English, earn a high school diploma or a GED degree.  They may be improving their basic skills or learning to improve their parenting skills.  GHC students are lifelong learners who come in all ages.  Some courses and seminars are offered on a self-support basis.  Their department designation is CS.  Some courses are designed to benefit senior learners aged 55 years and above.  Their department designator is Sr Ed.

Thus, your willingness to teach results in positive benefits to our community, to your students and to Grays Harbor College.


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