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Shrink to Fit

Making a two page document fit on one page
Many of us know the frustrations of having a document that is just a little too long and doesn’t quite fit on one page. What many don’t know is that this problem is easy to fix in Excel & Word!


Shrinking a document to fit a specific amount of pages in Excel is very straight forward. Click on the Page Layout tab and under the Scale to Fit group click the down arrows for width and height to set how many pages you want the document to fill. The default setting is Automatic. Manually setting the number of pages will reduce the size of the spreadsheet to fit the desired number of pages.

Page Layout


Many times in Word you will find that the document you created it a line or two too long to fit on one page.

one or two too many lines to fit on one page

Click on the Office Button and then move down to Print and then select Print Preview. This will show your document in its current printable form.

print preview

In the Print Preview window click the Shrink One Page Button. This will reduce the font size of your document just enough to make the paper fit on one less page. So if the document is one page and two lines on a second page, it will shrink it to fit on one; if it is five pages and three lines on a sixth it will shrink to fit five and so on...

Shrink one page

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