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Microsoft Office 2007

Printing Envelopes in Word 2007

No labels needed!
Whether you have messy hand writing or just prefer a more professional look, you can print directly on to envelopes with the help of Microsoft Word.

Printing a Single Envelope

Start with a blank document. If you have text written on your page the correct window will not open!
Click the Mailings tab. Under the Create group click the Envelopes button.

Envelopes button

This will bring up the Envelopes and Labels window.  Enter the addresses in the proper boxes.

Envelopes and Labels window

Select Envelope
If the envelope is not a standard letter size (10) you will need to let Microsoft Word know.
To do this click on the Options… button in the Envelopes and Labels window.

Options button

From the Envelope Options window click on the Envelope Options tab. Now you will see the Envelope size: box. Click the down arrow to select the envelope size you will be printing on. You can also change the font used on the envelope by clicking on the Font… buttons for Delivery and Return addresses. Click the OK button when complete.

Envelope Options... Envelope size

Insert your envelope into the printer. Most printers have an envelope slot and an icon indicating how the envelope should be fed into the printer.

look for printer icon that indicates how the envelope should be fed into the printer

Once the envelope is inserted, press the Print button in the Envelopes and Labels window.

Press the Print button


Printing Envelopes with Mail Merge
This walk through assumes you have built an Excel list. If you need instructions on how to create a list in Excel CLICK HERE.
In Microsoft Word click on the Mailings tab and click the down arrow under Start Mail Merge in the Start Mail Merge group.

Mailings tab

The Envelope Options window will appear. Here you can select the envelope size and fonts and then click OK to continue.

Envelope Options

Select Data Source
You will now see a preview of an envelope possibly with a saved return address in the upper left corner. If you do not see your return address you can type it in the upper left corner of the envelope now.  Click in the lower middle of the envelope to select the “To” field. (Shown in light blue in the picture below.) Now click the Select Recipients button in the Start Mail Merge group and choose Use Existing List…

Use Existing List

You will be prompted to select the source of your database. You will need change the Look in: field to the folder where your list is stored and then select your list and choose Open.

Change the Look in folder location

Once you have selected your Excel list you will be prompted to select the table. The table is the specific sheet that holds your information. (Most likely your table will be on sheet one if you didn't specify a specific page.  Click the OK button.
Note: The box First row of data contains column headers should be check for properly built lists.

Check the box First row of data contains column headers

Choose the import fields
With your insertion point in the “To” field (light blue box) click the Address Block button in the Write & Insert Fields group.

Address Block

The Insert Address Block window will appear. View the Preview window to see how your address will appear on the envelope and then click the OK button.

Insert Address Block

You will now see <<Address Block>> on your envelope. Click the Preview Results button to see the first of the addresses.

Preview Results

You can now cycle through your addresses with the next arrow and print envelopes one at a time or you can click the Finish & Merge button to have all your envelopes appear in order for printing.


To print click the Office button select the Print options button and then Print.


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