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Q & A

This page is here to assist users with common computer problems they may come across in the computer labs.
Common questions:

How do I check my school e-mail?
What if I didn't bring a storage device to save my work?
I left my Flash Drive in the computer, where is it now?

Checking e-mail

Login to ChokerMail

When you register for Grays Harbor College classes, you will automatically receive your own GHC web email account.

The "Choker Mail Sign in" link above will take you to the start page.

If you already know your login info you can click Here to go directly to our Microsoft portal.

Password resets are available online if you supplied Admissions and Records with a personal e-mail, alternately it can be done in person with ID.
Contact Person is Ralph Hogaboom Room 214, Phone: (360) 538-4187, E-mail:

Saving on Lab computers-
The computers are set up with software that will restore all memory and settings at start up. If you need to save information but lack a disk/flash drive you can save the information to your Desktop or MyDocuments folder (these are on the server).

STEPS: Choose "Save As" then Click the down arrow accross from "Save in" scroll down and select Desktop or MyDocuments and then "Save". You may access these folders from almost any lab computer on campus.

I left my disk/flash drive in the computer-
Sometimes people leave disks/flash drives in the computers. If a flash drive is left in a computer the lab assistant will place the storage device on the dry erase board at the front of the room or place it in the window of room 2313.


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