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Elementary & Intermediate Algebra textbook
Resources by Section  

Elementary & Intermediate Algebra: Concepts & Applications
(textbook for Math 70, 95, and 98)

Text Specific Resources for All Sections

  • Interact Math – Free tutorial exercises for each section in your text.  Selected homework problems you can work online.  For each problem you have the option to view an example or get step-by-step help to solve.

  • TestPrep Video CD – Step-by-step solutions on video for all chapter test exercises from the text.  This CD came with your book.

  • Student Solutions Manual – Contains step-by-step solutions for all the odd-numbered exercises in your book.  Available for purchase in the GHC Bookstore or for use in the GHC Learning Center.

  • Videos on DVD – Watch instructors teach the material from each section of the text.  Available for check-out in the GHC Library. 

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 1 - Introduction to Algebraic Expressions

 2 - Equations, Inequalities, and Problem Solving

 3 - Introduction to Graphing

 4 - Polynomials

 5 - Polynomials and Factoring

 6 - Rational Expressions and Equations

 7 - Functions and Graphs

 8 - Systems of Linear Equations

 9 - Inequalities and Problem Solving

10 - Exponents and Radicals

11 - Quadratic Functions and Equations

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