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ACCT 113 Introduction to Accounting I
ACCT 114 Introduction to Accounting II
ACCT 175 Business and Payroll Tax Accounting
ACCT 176 Computerized Accounting Functions
ACCT 201 Principles of Accounting I
ACCT 202 Principles of Accounting II
ACCT 203 Principles of Accounting III
ACCT 220 Federal Income Tax I

Adult Basic Education
BASED 010 ABE Orientation
BASED 013 Integrated Basic Skills
BASED 014 Advanced Integrated Basic Skills

AIDS 102 Health Care Perspective on AIDS
AIDS 103 AIDS and the Substance Abuse Counselor

Alcohol/Substance Abuse
HSSA& 101 Introduction to Addictive Drugs
ALSA 120 Pharmacology of Alcohol/Drugs
ALSA 125 The Dysfunctional Family
ALSA 136 Group Dynamics
ALSA 140 Chemical Dependency/Case Management
ALSA 209 Law/Ethics Chemical Dependency
ALSA 210 Chemical Dependency Treatment and The Law
ALSA 211 Relapse Prevention
ALSA 212 Youth Chemical Dependency Assessment/Counseling
ALSA 270 Alcohol/Substance Abuse Counseling

Allied Health
AHLTH 150 Comprehensive Medical Terminology

American Sign Language
ASL 196 Beginning Sign Language I
ASL 197 Beginning Sign Language II
ASL 198 Beginning Sign Language III

ART& 100 Art Appreciation
ART 101 Drawing I
ART 102 Drawing II
ART 103 Drawing III
ART 104 Design I
ART 105 Design II
ART 251 Painting I
ART 252 Painting II
ART 260 Introduction to Printmaking

ASTRO 101 Astronomy

Automotive Technology
AUTO 111 Brakes/Suspension/Steering
AUTO 112 Electrical/Electronics/ABS
AUTO 113 Engines/Electrical/Tune-up/Ignition
AUTO 211 Power Trains/Transmissions (Manual and Automatic)
AUTO 212 Fuel Systems/Electronic/ Computer Controls
AUTO 213 Advanced Engine Performance/Air Conditioning/Heating/Shop Management
AUTO 224 Cooperative Work Experience

Biological Science
BIOL& 100 Survey of Biology
BIOL& 109 Plants of Western Washington with Lab
BIOL& 118 Human Biology
BIOL 140 Ecology with Lab
BIOL& 160 General Biology with Lab
BIOL& 211 Biological Science I: Evolution and Ecology
BIOL& 212 Biological Science II: Molecular and Cell Biology
BIOL& 213 Biological Science III: Plant/Animal Anatomy and Physiology
BIOL& 241 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
BIOL& 242 Human Anatomy and Physiology II
BIOL& 260 Microbiology with Lab

BUS& 101 Introduction to Business
BA 104 Mathematics for Business
BA 124 Cooperative Work Experience
BA 140 Business English
BA 150 Fundamentals of Finance
BA 174 Small Business Management
BUS& 201 Business Law
BA 224 Advanced Cooperative Work Experience
BA 240 Principles of Marketing
BA 258 Principles of Management

Business Technology
BTECH 113 Document Formatting
BTECH 115 Electronic Math Applications
BTECH 117 Medical Transcription I
BTECH 118 Medical Transcription II
BTECH 124 Keyboard Skillbuilding I
BTECH 125 Keyboard Skillbuilding II
BTECH 126 Keyboard Skillbuilding III
BTECH 131 Access
BTECH 132 Medical Records - Insurance Billing and Coding
BTECH 140 Word Processing Applications
BTECH 141 PowerPoint
BTECH 150 Excel
BTECH 175 Medical Coding
BTECH 205 Records Information Management
BTECH 220 Office Procedures and Ethics
BTECH 221 Medical Office Procedures
BTECH 252 Desktop Publishing
BTECH 253 Integrated Software Applications
BTECH 254 Medical Office Computerized Information Processing

Carpentry Technology
CARP 121 Residential/Commercial Carpentry I
CARP 122 Residential and Commercial Carpentry II
CARP 123 Residential and Commercial Carpentry III
CARP 221 Residential and Commercial Carpentry IV
CARP 222 Residential and Commercial Carpentry V
CARP 223 Residential and Commercial Carpentry VI

CHEM& 110 Chemical Concepts with Lab
CHEM& 121 Introduction to Chemistry with Lab
CHEM& 131 Introduction to Organic/ Biochemistry with Lab
CHEM& 161 General Chemistry with Lab I
CHEM& 162 General Chemistry with Lab II
CHEM& 163 General Chemistry with Lab III
CHEM& 261 Organic Chemistry with Lab I
CHEM& 262 Organic Chemistry with Lab II
CHEM& 263 Organic Chemistry with Lab III

Commercial Food Preparation
CUL 100  Culinary Arts Orientation
CUL 110  Food Service, Sanitation and Safety
CUL 130  Meat, Poultry and Seafood I
CUL 150  Stocks, Sauces and Soups I
CUL 170  Purchasing, Receiving and Storage
CUL 195  Food Server
CUL 200  Food Service Nutrition
CUL 210  Baking
CUL 230  Pastry and Dessert

Commercial Truck Driving
CDL 100 Forklift Certification Training
CDL 101 Commercial Driver’s License Training
CDL 150 Range Operations and Equipment
CDL 160 Range Operations and Beginning over the Road
CDL 175 Range Operations and Maneuvers
CDL 185 Over the Road Driving

Computer Information Systems

CIS 100 Introduction to Personal Computers
CIS 101 Keyboarding
CIS 102 Introduction to Microsoft Office
CIS 125 Internet Fundamentals
CIS 251 Management Information Systems

Criminal Justice
CJ& 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJUS 104 The Line Officer Function: Police and Corrections
CJUS 151 Drugs and Our Society
CJUS 201 The Art of Public and Private Investigation
CJUS 258 Criminal Justice Internship

Diesel Technology
DT 121 Introduction to Diesel Technology
DT 122 Intermediate Diesel Technology
DT 123 Advanced Diesel Technology
DT 221 Diagnostics, Testing and Repair
DT 222 Advanced Diagnostics, Testing and Repair
DT 223 Certification and Testing

DRMA& 101 Introduction to Theatre

Earth Science
EARTH 102 Earth Science

ECON 100 Introduction to Economics
ECON& 201 Micro Economics
ECON& 202 Macro Economics

EDUC 201
Introduction/Orientation to Teaching
EDUC 202 Education Practicum

Energy Technology- Plant Operations
PPO 100 Introduction to Power Generation
PPO 102 Power Generation
PPO 103 Plant Design and Operations
PPO 120 Print Reading
PPO 130 Industrial Safety and Rigging
PPO 150 Efficiency Energy
PPO 151 Efficiency Energy Lab
PPO 191 Power Industry Job Preparation
PPO 201 Plant Systems and Equipment
PPO 202 Refrigeration, HVAC and Plant Maintenance
PPO 203 Power Plant Operations
PPO 205 Power System Operator I
PPO 206 Power System Operator II

ENGR& 104 Introduction to Engineering
ENGR& 214 Statics
ENGR& 215 Dynamics

ENGL 060 English Language Study
ENGL 095 Writing Fundamentals
ENGL& 101 English Composition I
ENGL& 102 English Composition II
ENGL 150 Vocational/Technical and Business Writing
ENGL& 220 Introduction to Shakespeare
ENGL& 235 Technical Writing
ENGL 241 Fiction Writing
ENGL 242 Poetry Writing
ENGL 243 Playwriting
ENGL& 244 Introduction to American Literature
ENGL 252 Survey of World Literature
ENGL 263 Survey of British Literature
ENGL 275 Gender in Literature

English as a Second Language
ESL 010 ESL Orientation
ESL 022 Beginning Integrated ESL
ESL 023 Integrated ESL
ESL 024 Advanced Integrated ESL

Environmental Science
ENVS& 100 Survey of Environmental Science

FILM 125 Film Interpretation
FILM 135 Introduction to Film Production

Foreign Languages
CHIN& 121 Chinese I
CHIN& 122 Chinese II
CHIN& 123 Chinese III
FRCH& 121 French I
FRCH& 122 French II
FRCH& 123 French III
GERM& 121 German I
GERM& 122 German II
GERM& 123 German III
ITAL 125 Italian I
ITAL 126 Italian II
ITAL 127 Italian III
JAPN& 121 Japanese I
JAPN& 122 Japanese II
JAPN& 123 Japanese III
LATIN 125 Latin I
LATIN 126 Latin II
LATIN 127 Latin III
POL 125 Polish I
POL 126 Polish II
POL 127 Polish III
RUSS 125 Russian I
RUSS 126 Russian II
RUSS 127 Russian III
SPAN& 121 Spanish I
SPAN& 122 Spanish II
SPAN& 123 Spanish III

Freshmen Year Experience
FYE 100 Student Orientation and Academic Readiness (SOAR)
FYE 102 Creating Success in College and Life

GEOL 101 Introduction to Physical Geology

Health Promotion and Fitness
HPF 101 Health and Wellness

HIST& 116 Western Civilization I
HIST& 117 Western Civilization I
HIST& 118 Western Civilization III
HIST 122 History of Modern East Asia
HIST& 146 US History I
HIST& 147 US History II
HIST& 148 US History III
HIST& 214 Pacific Northwest History
HIST& 219 Native American History
HIST 220 20th Century Europe
HIST 225 Women and Men: The History of Gender
HIST 252 Latin American History
HIST 270 African-Americans in Slavery and Freedom
HIST 271 African-American History: 1865-1975
HIST 272 History of England

Human Development
HUMDV 104 Stress Management and Wellness
HUMDV 109 Personal Development
HUMDV 111 Career Options and Life Planning
HUMDV 150 Tutoring Techniques
HUMDV 151 Interpersonal Skills

Human Services
HS 101 Introduction to Human Services
HS 102 Survey of Community Resources in Human Services
HS 108 Counseling and Crisis Intervention
HS 109 Law and Ethics in Human Services
HS 158 Cooperative Work Internship
HS 201 Current Issues in Human Services
HS 202 Counseling Special Populations
HS 203 Interview/Assessments in Human Services Settings
HS 204 Advanced Counseling and Case Management
HS 258 Advanced Cooperative Work Internship

LIB 101 Introduction to Information Resources
LIB 120 Learning for the 21st Century

LING 101 Introduction to World Languages

MATH 060 Fundamentals of Arithmetic
MATH 070 Pre-Algebra
MATH 095 Elementary Algebra
MATH 098 Intermediate Algebra
MATH 100 Vocational Technical Mathematics
MATH 101 Applications of Algebra for Vocational-Technical Students
MATH& 107 Math in Society
MATH 111 Introduction to Finite Mathematics
MATH& 131 Mathematics for Elementary Education 1
MATH& 132 Mathematics for Elementary Education 2
MATH& 141 Precalculus I
MATH& 142 Precalculus II
MATH& 146 Introduction to Statistics
MATH& 148 Business Calculus
MATH& 151 Calculus I
MATH& 152 Calculus II
MATH& 163 Calculus III
MATH 241 Differential Equations I

MUSIC 100 Music Fundamentals
MUSC& 105 Music Appreciation
MUSIC 117 Beginning Piano Techniques I
MUSIC 118 Beginning Piano Techniques II
MUSIC 119 Beginning Piano Techniques III
MUSC& 121 Ear Training I
MUSC& 122 Ear Training II
MUSC& 123 Ear Training III
MUSC& 131 Music Theory I
MUSC& 132 Music Theory II
MUSC& 133 Music Theory III
MUSIC 161 Symphony Orchestra
MUSIC 162 Pit Orchestra I
MUSIC 171 Civic Choir
MUSIC 173 Jazz Choir
MUSIC 181 Jazz Band
MUSIC 186 Hand Drumming I
MUSIC 217 Intermediate Piano I
MUSIC 218 Intermediate Piano II
MUSIC 219 Intermediate Piano III
MUSC& 221 Ear Training IV
MUSC& 222 Ear Training V
MUSC& 223 Ear Training VI
MUSIC 231 Intermediate Harmony
MUSIC 232 Advanced Harmony I
MUSIC 233 Advanced Harmony II
MUSIC 261 Symphony Orchestra
MUSIC 262 Pit Orchestra II
MUSIC 271 Civic Choir
MUSIC 273 Jazz Choir
MUSIC 281 Jazz Band
MUSIC 286 Hand Drumming II

Natural Resources
NR 101 Introduction to Forest Management
NR 110 Principles of GIS
NR 131 Forest Ecology - Plant Taxonomy
NR 150 Forest Ecology - Disturbances
NR 158 Work Experience Seminar
NR 160 Forest Ecology - Habitats
NR 250 GIS and Remote Sensing in Natural Resource Management
NR 258 Cooperative Work Experience
NR 259 Cooperative Work Experience
NR 260 Forest Mensuration
NR 270 Silviculture
NR 280 Harvest Systems and Products

AIDS 102 Health Care Perspective on AIDS
CNA 102 Certified Nursing Assistant Training
NURS 135 Nursing Pharmacology I
NURS 137 Nursing Pharmacology II
NURS 139 Nursing Pharmacology III
NURS 149 Transition from LPN to ADN
NURS 151 Concepts Basic to Nursing
NURS 153 Concepts Basic to Nursing
NURS 154 Common Health Alterations II
NURS 198 Personal & Vocational Relationships PN
NURS 251 Complex Health Alterations I
NURS 252 Complex Health Alterations II
NURS 253 Transition to Professional Practice

NUTR& 101 Nutrition

PHIL& 101 Introduction to Philosophy

Physical Education
PE 104 Pickleball
PE 106 Badminton
PE 108 Intermediate Pickleball
PE 109 Basketball (Co-ed)
PE 110 Intermediate Basketball (Co-ed)
PE 112 Intermediate Badminton
PE 113 Beginning Golf
PE 114 Intermediate Golf
PE 116 Beginning Step Aerobics
PE 117 Intermediate Step Aerobics
PE 118 Advanced Step Aerobics
PE 119 Beginning Social Dancing
PE 121 Exercise Walking, Beginning
PE 122 Intermediate Exercise Walking
PE 124 Intermediate Softball
PE 125 Beginning Volleyball
PE 126 Intermediate Volleyball
PE 127 Advanced Volleyball
PE 129 Advanced Volleyball
PE 130 Intermediate Weight Lifting
PE 131 Advanced Weight Lifting
PE 149 Mobility/Fitness for the Physically Challenged
PE 150 Fitness for the Physically Challenged
PE 151 Intermediate Fitness for Physically Challenged
PE 165 Beginning Baseball
PE 166 Intermediate Baseball
PE 170 Fitness Lab
PE 171 Intermediate Fitness Lab
PE 172 Advanced Fitness Lab
PE 177 First Aid/CPR

PHYS& 114 General Physics with Lab I
PHYS& 115 General Physics with Lab II
PHYS& 116 General Physics with Lab III
PHYS& 221 Engineering Physics with Lab I
PHYS& 222 Engineering Physics with Lab II
PHYS& 223 Engineering Physics with Lab III

Political Science
POL S 102 Law and Society
POL S 110 Law and Justice
POL S 200 Foreign Policy of the United States
POLS& 202 American Government
POL S 204 Introduction to Public Administration

PSYC& 100 General Psychology
PSYCH 106 Applied Psychology
PSYC& 180 Human Sexuality
PSYC& 200 Lifespan Psychology
PSYCH 210 Psychology of Adjustment
PSYC& 220 Abnormal Psychology
PSYCH 250 Social Psychology

READ 080 Developmental Reading/Study I
READ 081 Developmental Reading/Study II
READ 090 College Preparatory Reading/Study I
READ 091 College Preparatory Reading/Study II

SOC& 101 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 106 Juvenile Justice
SOC 112 Criminology
SOC& 201 Social Problems
SOC 252 Marriage and Family

SPCH 101 Fundamentals of Speech
SPCH 124 Broadcasting Practicum
SPCH 201 Fundamentals of Group Discussion

Theatre Arts
THEA 151 Theatre Workshop
THEA 161 Introduction to Acting
THEA 163 Introduction to Directing
THEA 235 Stagecraft
THEA 236 Stage Lighting
THEA 270 Stage Makeup

Welding Technology
WELD 100 Welding Blueprint Reading
WELD 101 Related Welding I
WELD 102 Related Welding II
WELD 103 Related Welding III
WELD 110 Beginning Welding
WELD 120 Intermediate Welding
WELD 130 Advanced Welding
WELD 240 Pipe Welding
WELD 245 Fabrication
WELD 248 Code Welding
WELD 250 Certification
WELD 255 Pipe Welding II
WELD 260 Pipe Welding III
WELD 265 Pipe Certification