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New Faces On Campus

Ahniwa D. FerrariAhniwa D. Ferrari has been selected as our new Associate Dean for Library, E-Learning, and Media Services. Ahniwa’s first day at GHC is August 3rd.

Ahniwa holds a Master’s in Library and Information Studies from McGill University and has extensive experience in all levels of library work, in virtual library services, in web content, and in electronic services. He has worked at the baccalaureate level (St. Martin’s University), at the Washington State Library, and has collaborated with the community and technical college library and media directors on numerous projects over the years.


Jerad Sorber has accepted our offer of employment as Director of Enrollment Services. His first day is Monday, July 27th.

Jerad has fifteen years of experience in increasingly responsible roles within student services, specifically in enrollment and admissions. In his most recent position, Jerad served as the Dean of Enrollment/Registrar at South Puget Sound C.C. His experience is enhanced by his Masters of Education degree in College Student Affairs from Penn State University. He is currently working on his Ed.D in Educational Leadership at The University of Washington.

As Director of Enrollment Services, Jerad is responsible for the overall leadership, guidance, and oversight to the admissions, registration and records offices to create and sustain a culture of outstanding student service. By integrating all processes related to enrollment services the director will ensure sound processes that provide prospective, incoming and current students with excellent service.


James UmphresJames Umphres, our new e-Learning Coordinator, returns to the Northwest from Texas and joins the GHC staff. His main responsibility will be providing support for faculty using Canvas and other classroom technologies, plus many other duties as assigned.

Contact James at 538-4085 or via email

World Class Scholars Good news for our World Class Scholars. The GHC Foundation increased the scholarship that first-year World Class Scholars receive from $1,500 to $2,000 – fully half a year’s tuition makes a big difference for these students just starting here from area high schools. The World Class Scholars program started more than 20 years ago as an incentive to young students to stay in school, do their best work, volunteer in their community and plan ahead for college. More than 60 World Class Scholars are enrolled at GHC right now and the number increases every year.


GHC is a partner in a new 12-member Americorps team for Pacific County. One of our two spots will focus on career exploration with area youth, while the second position will focus on financial literacy in our community. The Americorps positions start in September, but applications can be submitted now; check out or contact Erin Frasier or Nancy Estergard, 538-4012. Americorps jobs include monthly stipend, health coverage, childcare assistance and educational credits.


Scholarship Awards Ceremony
Scholarship Recipient & Donor Recognition Ceremony

GHC scholarship recipients and the generous donors who fund these scholarships will meet at our annual convocation Wednesday, May 20th at the Bishop Center.  $600,000 in financial support will be awarded by the GHC Foundation and the GHC Financial Aid office. At 6:30 p.m. a backstage reception takes place before the convocation for students and donors to meet; the actual ceremony starts at 7 p.m.

academic excellence
The President's List For Winter Quarter at Grays Harbor College

Earning Perfect 4.0 GPA’s are:

Debra Barrett, Tracie Barry, Tom Bodwell, Katherine Boone, Stephanie Boone, Xaver Bowers, Robert Brueher, Joel Brydon, Kayla Bryson, Jaki Buchanan, John Burger, Alaina Butler, Lindsey Cain, Sabrina Carmichael, Camai Catlin, Jennifer Causey, Duncan Cobb, Shina Cooper, Lacey Dahlstrom, May Davida-Jackson, Darcia Davis, Christa Dickson, Jefferson Donovan, Elvin Dotson, Richard Downs, April Easter, Rachel Eaton, Ashley Ells, Moriah Emard, Ronnie Espedal, Chad Fogel, Patrick Gagnon, James Garman, Esther Garza-Maloney, Mackenzie Geer, Brett Grantham, Crystal Gross, Kendra Gross, Katelyn Gwinn, Haylee Hamilton, Tara Hamilton, Wayne Head, Iris Heckman, Alexis Herrera, Kathryn Hollingshead, Byron Hongell, Hailey Houle, Naoto Iwashita, Daniel Jesonis, Kimberly Johnson, Zane Johnson, John Jugum, Ryan Karl, Danielle Kesterson, Thomas Lagergren, Stefan Latimer, Frank Leopard, William Lewis, Makynzie Matisons, Autumn McGiveron, Hannah McIntosh, Merritt Michelbrink, Julie Miller, Marcela Moody, Mark Moody, Marcus Nathaniel, Heather Nations, Paul Naylor, Susanne Nylander, Larry Ounsted, Andrew Palmer, Clara Park, Luke Peoples, Paul Perron, Johnelle Pratt, Charlena Priebe, Isaiah Quinby, Christina Rager, Don Ramsey, Kecia Rhodes, Jessica Roberts, Christina Rosche, Lynne Schomer, David Shields, Becke Shurtz, Bryant Skipper, Bailey Skolrood, Joel Smith, Ashley Snodgrass, Andrew Spoor, Lisa Straatman-Bradley, Carol Stoehr, Nicole Stoken, Cole Swenson, Brett Taylor, Chelsea Thomas, Dylan Thompson, Maxwell Veiga, Joy Waterhouse, Kristy Watson, Jordan Weiberg, Michael White, Christine Winn, Michael Wolfenberger and Sarah Wood.

Those earning 3.9 to 3.5 GPA’s are:

Armando Ayala, Elisa Anderson, Annalee Atwelltobar, Ambrocia Aparicio, Mallori Arnce, John Arquette, Bruce Bailey, Robert Baldwin, Samuel Ball, Aliss Barre, Victoria Baumgardner, Hannah Bennett, Kristen Bernard, Madison Besaw, Abigail Bies, Shiloh Borden, Jonathan Botsford, Kyle Brewer, Dannikah Blume, Hollie Blundred, Emily Burbank, Kenny Boice, Arletta Brannock, Christina Brookhouser, Mckenzie Brooks, Lisa Brown, Elizabeth Bryan, Candice Burckhard, Hank Burdick, Samantha Buswell, Seth Caba, Ashley Calloway, Crystal Calloway, Jessica Campos, Samantha Capoeman, Jon Carr, Veerkanvar Cheema, Caitlin Cheney, Brandee Chism, Kamri Clark, Matthew Clark, Steve Coffman, David Cunningham, Linnea Davison, Brionna Deakin, Michael Dean, Tiffani Dhooghe, Elijah Dimler, Bambi Doyle, Alexis Drais, Kaitlin Donohoe, James Erickson, Morgan Erickson, Reyna Escobar, Yoana Esparza, Nicklaus Falley, Cora Foss, Amber Fisher, Paloma Fruto, Jose Fonseca, Amanda Franklin, Dawn Gadwa, Kelsey Gardner, James Getchman, Stefanie Godfrey, James Gold, Stephen Gonzalez, Brady Green, Rachel Griggs, Evelyn Hamilton, James Hamilton, Jessica Hanneken, Jillian Hardy, Anastasia Haring, Christina Harlin, Allison Hill, Stephanie Holland, Micah Hollen, Thomas Hunter, Angela Idowu, Sean Inocencio, Alexander Islas, Joseph James, Christopher James, Colton Johansson, Kimber Johnson, Michael Johnson, Stephanie Johnston, Bessie Jones, Chase Jones, Channon Jull, John Kammerdiener, Paige Kershaw, Lynn Kirk, Ashley Kitzman, Carin Laranang, Allison Larew, John Latimer, Megan Lavoie, Kendra Leeland, Samuel Lichty, Allison Lindberg, Eric Lucas, Margaret Lynn, Caitlin Mahoney, Benjamin Malchert, Kristi Maldonado, Mitchell Margaris, Georjeanne Marll, Jill Carlson-Marsh, Kaitlyn Mason, Moriah Martin, Trevor Martin, Abel Martinez, Yesenia Martinez-Lopez, Austin McCloskey, Joshua McCallum, Amelia McIntosh, Tisha Meldrich, Reneda Milbourn, Marcella Miles, Constance Miller, Stacy Mills, Alexis Miranda, Calvin Moran, Jennifer Moran, Jessica Morrison, Sheri Morriss, Jeremiah Mueller, Nathanael Mueller, Annber Neeland, Kaylee Nguyen, Sullivan Noble, Lacey Nunnelley, Nathan Nussbaum, Hannah Olson, Rachel Owen, Michelle Pace, Kaylie Padilla, Taylor Peek, Karl Peterson, Terilynn Peterson, Jacquelyn Pleasants, Destine Poulsen, Jeffrey Pusich, J Prochaska-Goodwin, Xiaoyun Qian, Elizabeth Ray, Donna Reed, Raymon Robinette, David Rockett, Aundra Rodriguez, Susan Rolfe, Robert Rowe, Chelsea Royer, Fran Rozmaryn, Kendra Ryan, Tannim Salisbury, Brianna Sansaver, Emily Seaman, Cherie Selin, Melissa Serpa, Catherine Shedd, Daniel Shimakawa-Anders, Rebecca Shipman, Sierra Smagge, Sierra Smith, Lacrissa Spencer, Tamara Stanley, Brianna Stone, Sarah Strom, Madison Studer, Christian Svinth, Savanah Svinth, Todd Swinhart, Britton Tatro, Garrett Thomas, Kristin Thomas, Patrick Thornton, Whitney Tipton, Adam Turpin, Aiyana Underwood, Krystal Vignali, Christian Vinson, Janessa Wakefield, Morgan Watters, Michael Wheeler, Christine Wilson, Ken Wilson, Rebecca Wingate, Jordan Wolfe, James Woodruff, Courtney Worsham and Christy Zelepuza.


June McConnell

Welcome June McConnell

Welcome to June McConnell, a new face in the WorkFirst Office while Danielle Russell is on maternity leave through August. June has more than 20 years of experience working with children, youth and families. Reach her at 538-4077,


PTK Honor Society

5-Star PTK Chapter!

Congratulations to GHC's Phi Theta Kappa chapter which has earned 5-Star rating for the 2nd consecutive year. Chapter members had to meet several criteria, including successfully completing two key projects -- for GHC's members, the Honors in Action project involved building a website identifying community resources, plus presenting workshops for each of our quarterly Student Success Conferences. The website project won our chapter 1st place among 59 regional PTK chapters.


Alonzo Cole has been named the interim head basketball coach.

Alonzo Cole
Cole, a retired small business owner, was a high school All-American football and basketball player in Flint MI, considered one of the top 10 recruited high school basketball players in the nation in 1969, the year he graduated. He played collegiate ball at Kentucky’s Morehead State University in the Ohio Valley Conference. As a freshman, he set a national rebound record – 36 rebounds in one game. Cole continued his playing career in Barcelona for Spain’s team in the European basketball league. Two knee surgeries forced him to quit as a player.

Please welcome Coach Cole when you see him on campus.


Congratulations to GHC’s All-WA Academic Team Members!

Naoto Iwashita
A native of Japan, Naoto Iwashita, 35, immigrated in July 2013, enrolling as a Pre-Med student at GHC. He plans a career as a primary care physician for under-served populations, after earning a Bachelor of Science transfer degree. At GHC, he is a peer tutor, serves as PTK treasurer and belongs to the Japanese Media Club. He also volunteers at GH Community Hospital and will soon earn his CNA license to give him further medical experience. He has a 3.92 grade-point average.

With two small children, Camai Catlin, 28, looks for volunteer projects for her family; right now, they help out together at PAWS, the animal shelter. She is a Nursing major at GHC, planning to earn her BSN, and to eventually become a nurse practitioner. She also serves as president-elect of the Student Nurses Association, is a member of PTK and a work-study student in the Human Resources office. But she most enjoys being a reading volunteer at her son’s school. She has a grade-point average of 4.0.

Naoto and Camai met GHC Trustees last week for lunch. This week, they will attend an Olympia reception in their honor with Gov. Inslee and legislators. Being an All-WA Academic Team member will mean additional scholarships from KeyBank and others.


Mystery Getaway Winners!

Congratulations to the GHC Foundation on the 7th very successful Mystery Getaway event last night. Traveling to the exciting destination -- Chicago -- will be our grand winner, Rachel Bigby of Montesano.

The real winners are the young World Class Scholars students who will be receiving partial tuition scholarships from the Foundation as they qualify to enroll at GHC. Last night’s event raised more than $52,000, putting the $1 million endowment goal that much closer. Congrats to Jan Jorgenson and her hard-working crew of volunteers who produced an exciting evening.


Quarterly Staff winner, Karen Carriker!

More congratulations: Karen Carriker received the Fall 2014 GHC staff award and the Staff Development and Training Committee would like to recognize winners each quarter in the Weekly News.

Karen first came to GHC as a student in 2007, after being laid off from the Simpson Door Company. She earned her AAS-T in Office Technology in 2010, transferring to The Evergreen State College, graduating with her Bachelor in Arts in 2012. At the same time, Karen became a work-study in the ABE Department, starting in Fall 2009. Later that year, she took a part-time position in the Extended Learning Department. She continued in both positions until she graduated as a President’s Scholar, a member of Phi Theta Kappa, and working on the ASGHC as a Senator for Academic Affairs.

While Karen was working on her BA at The Evergreen State College, she continued working for GHC part- time, joining the Nursing Department in May 2011, transitioning to full-time last July. She is an integral member of the Nursing Team, hence her nomination and award of the Fall 2014 Classified Staff Quarterly Outstanding Achievement Award.


Allen Mustard

New US Ambassador Started at GHC!

A career in the US Foreign Service has taken Allan Mustard, son of the late Dr. Donald and Barbara Mustard, well-known East County veterinarian and teacher, from his childhood home in Brady to tours of duty in Moscow, Istanbul, Vienna, Mexico City and New Delhi. His nomination by President Obama was just approved by Congress and he is now officially serving as the Ambassador to Turkmenistan. The capital city of Ashgabat is a long way from Brady WA, but he has some interesting life experiences and advice for GHC students. Alums will enjoys his recollections from the College in the mid 1970s.

My introduction to foreign affairs began at age 5, when my father invited to our farm the officers of the cargo ship M/V Jaladuta, a freighter from Bombay berthed at the Port of Hoquiam to load logs. That introduced me to foreign cuisine – very memorable hot, spicy Indian food as well as mango juice. Later, one of our neighbors in the Chehalis River valley (the “Brady Bottom”), Caroline Granstrom, loaned me Sarkhan by William Lederer and Eugene Burdick. This was the sequel to The Ugly American, which I also read. I read about the U.S. diplomats in those two books and decided I could do better than they could. Harborites should have an international focus, since we are located on the Pacific Rim and are right across the ocean from Asia.

I chose GHC because my family could afford it and as a commuter college it allowed me to live at home while attending classes. Tuition in the 1970s was $49 per quarter for a full class load and my parents were able to pay for that. I was on the student council my freshman year and ended up ASGHC vice president and president for a while in my sophomore year, and was sports editor of the Timberline. Robbie Peltola of the Daily World taught journalism and much of what he taught me has served me in my diplomatic career as a reporting officer in American embassies. Researching and writing diplomatic dispatches has a lot in common with writing articles for a newspaper. Bob Basich, the basketball coach, taught ballroom dancing, a skill that served me well later on during a posting to Vienna with its winter ball season. I took Russian from Elmer Wagner and German from Harold Enrico, and those languages served me well in Russia and Austria, obviously. I took invertebrate and vertebrate biology from Glen Clothier and the coursework included boating on Lake Swano to take soundings and estimate its volume. Knowing basic biological science has been very useful over the years given the rise of biotechnology and the trade policy issues surrounding it. I also worked on the GHC janitorial crew under Walter “Scotty” Lyden. We were called the “Panic Squad” since whenever anything went wrong and somebody panicked, we were sent to clean up the mess. That came in handy when Embassy Moscow lost all its Russian employees in 1986, and the officer cadre had to take on all embassy functions, including maintenance. I actually taught a couple of Foreign Service Officers how to mop floors – they had no idea.

Allen Mustard, 1975

In those days the UW accepted community college graduates as juniors with no quibbling, so the transfer to UW was a logical next step. It had the largest Russian language program in the United States and one of the best. I had to compete for scholarships and work my way through the UW, and the first scholarship I got was awarded by Joe Malik, then the president of GHC, in the sum of $600. It was a godsend. The “Panic Squad” job had not generated enough income to cover my first year at UW and without that scholarship money I would have delayed the transfer to UW indefinitely.

I don’t know if the transition was any easier; GHC’s main attraction was affordability. I think I could have adjusted just as easily if I had entered UW as a freshman. As to advantages, class sizes were small so you got lots of interaction with the professors. One of my first classes at UW was a psychology class with 800 students in it. The professor used a microphone to lecture. When I took psych at GHC, Bud Hake was the professor and the last row of the class was within easy earshot, plus he knew all of us by name. The journalism class had about a dozen students so everything you wrote got a critique from Robbie. Small classes made interaction with the instructors much easier. The instructors ate lunch in the same cafeteria as the students, so we had great bull sessions over lunch. Dick Frazer was a veteran of World War II, a bomber pilot who flew B-17s and B-24s, and he had some great life lessons to share in those sessions.

As chief of a diplomatic mission I am the President’s personal representative in Turkmenistan and am responsible for all U.S. Government activities here. Turkmenistan occupies a strategic geographic position on the routes linking Europe and Asia, and also possesses the fourth-largest natural gas reserves in the world. We collaborate with Turkmenistan’s government on a number of issues. In the past two months these have ranged from a conference on livestock development last December to a highly successful bilateral business forum in January. We also promote U.S. business interests in Turkmenistan, including sale of Boeing jetliners from Washington state to the Turkmen national airline. Regarding Afghanistan, Turkmenistan is integral to the “New Silk Road” initiative that will link Afghanistan to both traditional and new markets in Asia and Europe, integrate Afghanistan further into the region by resuming traditional trading routes and reconstructing significant infrastructure links broken by decades of conflict. Turkmenistan is building rail connections, electrical power lines, hospitals, and schools as a contribution to stabilizing Afghanistan.

First, ignore the naysayers who tell you nobody from the Harbor ever amounted to anything (and there are such people—some of them tried to dissuade me from pursuing a diplomatic career with exactly those words). I was inspired by the tale of Major Reuben Fleet, who after World War I founded Fleet Aircraft. People laughed at him, but he succeeded and his company evolved into Consolidated Vultee, later renamed Convair and now a division of General Dynamics. Aircraft his company designed, including the B-24 Liberator and the PBY Catalina, helped win World War II. That’s not bad for a Montesano boy. As a side note, GHC’s Bishop Center was built with money donated by Major Fleet’s brother-in-law. Major Fleet asked Ned Bishop for $1,000 to invest in his new company, and under pressure from Ned’s wife, Reuben’s sister, Ned made the investment. I was told that when Ned Bishop passed away, the $1,000 investment was worth $43 million. The point here is that people from the Harbor are fully capable of great success.

Second, I had a general vision of what I wanted to do: not necessarily to become a diplomat, but to do something in foreign affairs, perhaps in business, perhaps in government. That led to study of foreign languages, best done while still young (languages get harder to learn as you get older) and to study of international relations in college. I studied pretty hard, and took the opportunity to learn very seriously – maybe because I was paying my own way. Coming out of the UW I passed a Russian language test and was accepted by the U.S. Information Agency as a guide-interpreter for a U.S. cultural exchange exhibition in the Soviet Union. That was my first job in the Foreign Service. One thing led to another, and ultimately to commissioning as an officer of the Foreign Service and tours of duty in the Foreign Agricultural Service in Moscow, Istanbul, Vienna, Mexico City, and New Delhi, before being assigned here in Ashgabat. I might just as easily have been hired by a private company and risen up through the corporate ranks. By the time you graduate, you should have a general vision of what goals you want to accomplish in life. I wanted to be the best I could be in the realm of foreign affairs.

Third, you should pick some career path you will enjoy. I enjoy going to work as a diplomat. It is challenging, it is rarely boring, and it gives you opportunities to see and do things most other people only read about. It’s exciting. That’s what turns me on. A psychiatrist friend once told me his saddest patients are the professionals who studied something because they thought it would lead to a high income. They get to middle age and discover they are in a job they hate, saddled with expenses to match their high incomes, and really wish – this is his quote – really wish they were rock ‘n’ roll guitarists, poorer but probably happier. So my last piece of advice is to pick your career path based on what will make you happy.


2015 Annual Mystery Getaway Fundraising Event for the World Class Scholars Program

It’s Time to ‘Get Away’ ~ Announcing the 2015 Mystery Getaway fundraiser

Mark your calendar and join us at the 7th annual Mystery Getaway fundraiser on Thursday, February 26, 2015 at the GHC HUB; all proceeds will go towards World Class Scholars. You might be the winner of a great mystery trip for two! Our previous winners have traveled to Seattle, Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego, Palm Springs and New Orleans. This year’s 3-night, top-secret trip will be even more exciting!

Single tickets may be purchased for $50 each. Sponsorships are $500 and up.

This fundraising event is to fund the World Class Scholars program at Grays Harbor College Foundation. In the twenty year history of the World Class Scholars Program more than 1400 students have graduated from area high schools and received WCS medallions. The GHC Foundation has awarded more than $790,000 in partial tuition scholarships. This vital scholarship program could not be more essential for the success of our young people than it is right now. We need to ensure that our unique scholarship incentive program for young students in this community will continue for years to come. Thus far, we have raised over $750,000 toward our $1 million endowment.

Contact Jan Jorgenson at the Grays Harbor College Foundation (360) 538-4243 for further information.


academic excellence
For Fall Quarter at Grays Harbor College, 111 students earned a perfect 4.0 grade-point average

Receiving 4.0 for 12 college-level credits or more were:

Leto Ahr, Kasey Allen, Michael Anstiss, Annalee Atwelltobar, Bruce Bailey, Robert Baldwin, Thomas Baldwin, Tracie Barry, James Berrell, Madison Besaw, Gemma Best, Thaddeus Beste, Tom Bodwell, Stephanie Boone, Jonathan Botsford, Christina Brookhouser, McKenzie Brooks, Robert Brueher, Joel Brydon, Kayla Bryson, Alaina Butler, Seth Caba, Levi Capoeman, Jill Carlson-Marsh, Jon Carr, Camai Catlin, Jennifer Causey, Carrie Cleveland, Maria Crisman, Duncan Cobb, Travis Day, Christa Dickson, Brooke Dodson, Jefferson Donovan, Elvin Dotson, Richard Downs, April Easter, Rachel Eaton, Kiley Eike, Nicole Eilertsen, Ashley Ells, Chad Fogel, Steven Fry, Lucero Garcia, Mackenzie Geer, James Getchman, Joseph Gillette, Brett Grantham, Clifford Green, Crystal Gross, Tara Hamilton, Christie Hayes, Wayne Head, Juli Hedrick, Kathryn Hollingshead, Sakhy Hondamhack, Byron Hongell, Alexander Islas, Naoto Iwashita, Scott Johnston, John Jugum, Joseph Kalisch, Ryan Karl, Paige Kershaw, Danielle Kesterson, Erin Kuhn, Jeffree Kyllonen, Thomas Lagergren, Stefan Latimer, Haley Lawrence, Kendra Leeland, Eric Lucas, Alyssa Ludwig, Donald Lutzvick, Ronald Lutzvick, Benjamin Malchert, Kristi Maldonado, Hannah McIntosh, Constance Miller, Mark Moody, Nathanael Mueller, Marcus Nathaniel, Brittany Nations, Kaylee Nguyen, Larry Ounsted, James Pace, Clara Park, Johnelle Pratt, Isaiah Quinby, Don Ramsey, Jeff Richardson, Jessica Roberts, Lynne Schomer, David Shields, Raymond Shiner, Bailey Skolrood, Lacrissa Spencer, Brianna Stone, Justine Sturm, Cole Swenson, Ravi Thieme, Chelsea Thomas, Garrett Thomas, Dylan Thompson, Ryan Thornton, Maxwell Veiga, Shane Vines, Kristy Watson, Morgan Watters, Kara White, and Christine Winn.

View the complete Fall Quarter President’s List


Natural Resources Club Fundraiser
Holiday Wreaths!

The Natural Resources Club is again planning a HOLIDAY WREATH fundraiser this quarter and are now taking preorders. Club members will be making wreaths on Wednesday, December 3rd from 10:00am to 1:00 pm. We have materials for up to 25 wreaths so order soon! A donation to the club for funding further activities is requested. Previously buyers of these handmade wreathes donated $20 to $25 each.

This event is also open to all students, staff and faculty who might like to learn about and try their hand at wreath making. The club has additional material for up to 15 wreaths. Please RSVP if you would like to make your own wreath so we know we have enough material for each of you. There is no need to RSVP if you want to bring your own “starter ring”. These can typically be purchased at craft and variety stores (even Walmart) for $3 to $5 each. We will have more than enough pine/cedar/fir boughs and wire for your ring if you just bring it along. You can later decorate with bells and ribbons as your wish.

This event will also be a potluck so food and beverages will be available. Bring your own dish or finger food if you want (not required though).


GHC I-DEA Program on TV
Silvia Rogers, GHC’s outreach instructional assistant for Basic Education for Adults and the English as a 2nd Language program, recently was interviewed on Univision, the Spanish branch of KOMO-TV. The interview focuses on the College’s Project I-DEA program, now underway with funding from the Gates Foundation. Here is a link to the interview, in Spanish:


2014 Fall Gala Art Show

Opening Reception - Friday, November 7, beginning at 6:00pm


Creative works by members of the Harbor Art Guild are currently on display in the  gallery of Grays Harbor College’s Spellman Library. An opening reception is planned for Friday (10/3) between 6 and 8 p.m. and the “Directions” exhibit may be viewed through October 23.

Participating artists include Jim Allen, Fran Allen, Sandy DeLuna, Gary Englund, Jenny Fisher, Kathleen Feldkamp Graddy, Mary Lou Gregory, Robin Harlow, Dawn Huntsman, Tina Atterbury Karvonen, Kimmi Kerns, Ann Kiliz, RP Meyers, Connie Newton, Douglas Orr, Ellen Pickell, Ed Schroll, Barb Shillinger, Lee Staley, Cara Beth Stevenson and Jill Warber.

The Spellman Library is open Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 7:30 a.m. until 8 p.m.; Thursdays until 6 p.m., Fridays until 4:30 p.m.; and on Saturdays between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.


New Faces
We have greeted lots of new students on campus this week, along with these new faculty/staff faces:
James Halstead, Accounting
Amanda Gunn, Biology
Jule Monnens, Nursing
Julie Blaney, Nursing
Kim Cristobal, Nursing
Travis Obias, Carpentry, Instruction Assistant
And not exactly new at GHC, but returning to a new position:
Lorena Maurer, Reservation Based Degree Student Support Specialist
                              And not new at all, but returning with a new last name, Darrelyn (Miller) Relyea!
Welcome to GHC to All!


AmeriCorps/VISTA Position Available

Grays Harbor College (GHC) is seeking an AmeriCorps/VISTA member who is committed to making a difference in the Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties.  This one year term of service will begin November 1, 2014.  The member will assist the GHC Continuing Education Department by developing Business Institute Resource Centers on the Aberdeen, Raymond and Ilwaco branch campuses.  This member will also develop activities for small businesses and entrepreneurs to impact the economic development of the community.  Many of these resources will be free.  In addition, this member will develop entrepreneur clubs for adults and youth.  The office for this member will be located in Aberdeen.

In addition to gaining experience in community organizing, member benefits include the following:  a monthly stipend of $928, health insurance, childcare, and an education award of $5,550 upon completion of term.  Relocation assistance is available to members living more than 50 miles from Aberdeen, WA. 

· To apply send resume and cover letter to:

See AmeriCorps/VISTA program information at:

Applications due by September 25, 2014

· For more information about the position, contact Nancy Estergard at 360-538-4012 or email


Ride along on our next EDventure!

Travel with us! Explore the arts, history, culture and natural wonders of our own backyard on our Grays Harbor and Pacific County day trips or plan on traveling with us to the Ashland Shakespeare Festival in August.

Voyage on the Lady Washington - Historical Seaport
The EDventure begins September 17th at the Grays Harbor Historical Seaport in Aberdeen.  Meet us at 9:30 am for a tour of this historical landmark, lunch, and a two hour cruise on the Lady Washington.  Perhaps we can convince the Captain to do a cannon salute.  Cost of the trip is $68.25, which includes cruise, tour, lunch, and snack.  Sign up today online or contact Bethany Barnard at ,, or 360.533.9733.

All About Oysters
On September 24th, learn how to size an oyster, different species, and where they are harvested. Coast Seafoods in South Bend, is offering this rare opportunity to tour their processing plant and hop on their dredge for a trip around the river bend to view the pristine Willapa Bay oyster beds. Pick up locations include Main Campus and Riverview Education Center. The cost for this rare opportunity is only $64.75, which includes tour, lunch, and snack.  Sign up today online or contact Bethany Barnard at, or 360.533.9733.

C for Cranberrian Fair
The Grays Harbor College Continuing Education Department will be providing a guided tour of the Cranberrian Fair festivities October 11th. Sydney Stevens, local author, will be pointing out locations of historical importance; starting at the Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum in Ilwaco for a tour of exhibits, vendors, and the 1889 narrow gauge passenger car NAHCOTTA. The bus travels on to the Pacific Coast Cranberry Research Foundation and Cranberry Museum for lunch and cranberry harvest demonstrations. We will be making a few stops along the way at various local cranberry bogs. The cost is $76.00 and includes Cranberrian Fair admission, lunch, snack, and a copy of C is for Cranberry – The A-B-C’s of Cranberries on the Long Beach Peninsula. We will be picking up students from Main Campus, Riverview Education Center, and Columbia Education Center locations. Sign up today online or contact Bethany Barnard at, or 360.533.9733.


Brandon Reeson receiving the first of 9 Automotive Service Excellence certificates from GHC

With his diploma from Grays Harbor College, Brandon Reeson of Aberdeen  is ready for his next step. And with the 9 Automotive Service Excellence certificates he earned while at GHC, employers will easily recognize that he is qualified and ready to go to work.

The graduate in Automotive Technology, earning an Associate in Applied Science, plans on transferring to Western Washington University in Bellingham. He will work part-time in an auto repair shop while pursuing a degree in business administration.

By taking the ASE certification exams as a student, which is a brand-new offering at GHC and other community colleges in the State, Brandon can show prospective employers that he has the auto job skills. He is the first to earn these certificates at GHC. By next Fall, GHC Automotive Technology instructor Denis Samson plans on incorporating the certification process into his curriculum for second-year auto students.

The certification tests are computerized and Samson worked with Brandon to prepare him for the process.  They are similar to certification tests given to professionals in the auto industry.  The College’s auto tech program also has received Masters accreditation through the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF). NATEF is a key partner in the ASE student certifications.

For more information about GHC’s Automotive Technology program, contact Mike Kelly, 360.538.4013,


GHC Class of 2014

GHC Graduation Ceremony
Friday, June 27, beginning at 7:00 pm - Outside, upper campus.
More than 300 students have qualified for graduation with the Class of 2014 and approximately 150 will be marching Friday evening. Our Commencement speaker will be Shelli Hopsecger, a GHC alum who just completed her 2-year term as president of the GH College Foundation. She operates Coast Controls Inc. with her husband Mark and works with the Port of Grays Harbor and other civic organizations on a variety of economic development projects. Shelli is definitely a GHC alum who works hard to make a difference in our community and she has a very positive message for our grads.


Friday, June 13

New Faces Coming to GHC:  
In addition to welcoming our new VP of Student Services, Jason Hoseney,
Darin Jones will be joining GHC as Chief Executive of Human Resources.
Also four new faculty have been announced –
Nursing: Julie Blaney, coming from Kaplan College, Sacramento CA; and
Jule Monnens, currently at Arapaho Comm College, CO;
Biology: Dr. Amanda Gunn, now adjunct instructor at Seattle Comm Colleges
Accounting:  James Halstead, joining us from San Juan College, Farmington NM
Also in the Nursing Dept, instructor Carol O’Neal will be Assistant Dean for Nursing, due to the retirement of Penny Woodruff.

Head down to Riverview Education Center in Raymond at noon Friday to bid  “Happy Retirement” to longtime Center Manager Carol Staricka.

On Monday, 6/23, from 9:00 am-Noon, a representative from CWU will be on campus talking about their new Law & Justice bachelors degree opportunity and enrolling interested students. The size of this first class in the Fall could mean additional classes taking place on our campus, and eventually other Central bachelors programs as well.


Friday, June 6

New students for 2032 arrive:
Two new members of the GHC Class of 2032 (do the math!) were welcomed this week. Congratulations to Peter DenAdel (IT) on the arrival of a new baby girl, and to Dewey Howell (Custodial) on the birth of a son.

More congratulations – Earlier this week, Sarah Gillies-Alvarez (Library Media Center)  was the surprised recipient of the Phi Theta Kappa Glaux Award, an honor given by our PTK chapter to recognize someone for always being available and helping students.  Glaux is a symbol of wisdom from the Myth of Athena. Also honored was Dr. Arlene Torgerson (VP, Student Services). Retiring later this month, she received an honorary PTK membership for her continuing support.

Another Pat on the Back – Our Choker Relay for Life team members raised nearly $8,000 and took 8th place (out of 60 teams) in fund-raising at last weekend’s Relay event. And perhaps more impressive, they were named Most Inspirational Team. Thanks, Brenda Dell, for inspiring us and to Kris Aschim for taking over as Team Captain.  Overall, the Harbor’s Relay continues to be #1 in money raised per capita for the nation – this is an amazing community!

Don’t miss the Student Awards & Recognition event on Thursday 6/12 at 3 p.m. in the Music Pavilion. One of the best events to learn more of our students’ stories, how they got to GHC, what obstacles they have knocked aside during their time here and where they are going from here. Outstanding students will be honored from many different departments and offices. And bring Kleenex, this is always a surprisingly emotional ceremony.

The GHC Honors Recital is also on Thursday, 6/12. 7 p.m., Bishop Center and showcases the top and very talented GHC Music students, as recommended by their music instructors. This concert is complimentary.

Two GHC welding students, competing in the Welding Rodeo Skills Contest in Bellingham last weekend, brought home Best of Show awards in two categories. Brent Bryan, left, of Grayland, won in the professional level, while his classmate Mark Moody of Hoquiam took honors in the college level.

Welding Rodeo Winners

Grays Harbor College welding students competed in the annual Welding Rodeo Skills Contest, held at Bellingham Technical College with 5 other community college teams. The 11 GHC welders received numerous awards, competing in both the college and professional skills categories.

They swept all three awards in two categories, college-level Pipe to Plate event with Mark Moody taking first, David Rockett, second, and Michael White, third; and professional 6G Pipe Stick Welding, Chad Fogel, Shane Vines and Brent Bryan.

Best of Show in the professional level went to Bryan, who won a plasma cutter, and also placed second in Oxy-Fuel Cutting, college-level. Moody took Best of Show (college level) honors for his Pipe to Plate and won a multi-process welding machine; he also won third in 5G Pipe TIG welding, professional.

Other GHC welding students competing in the welding rodeo included Lindy Pugh, Jesse Latch, Pat Gagnon, Ed Skinner and John Ramsey. Welding instructor Rod McDonald explains that, depending on the skills, his students competed in the professional category against both college and professional welders.

“The rodeo simulated the pressure of a pre-employment skills test that our students would take when seeking a job. I am very proud of how well they did,” McDonald adds.

For more information about the College’s welding program and all other workforce training offerings, contact the office at 360.538.4011,


High School Art Show

This year we have 8 schools and 11 instructors participating.  There are 274 pieces displayed in six different categories.  The reception was held Thursday, May 15th in the John Spellman Library Gallery.  Aberdeen High School culinary class provided refreshments.  The show continues through June 4th and can be viewed during regular library hours.

The Schools and instructors are:

The catagories are:


Congratulations to the GHC Multicultural Club’s first Bite of Diversity!

The students did a fantastic job putting on a great event. There was food, music, performers and dancing with over 90 people attending. Thank you to all of you who attended. For more photos and videos, please visit the club's Facebook page.


E. K. and Lillian F. Bishop Foundation scholarships
Current college and graduate school students, living in Grays Harbor County, are encouraged to seek financial assistance for their education by applying for the E. K. and Lillian F. Bishop Foundation scholarships. Applications are available online and must be submitted no later than July 9. Recipients will be announced by early August.

Started nearly 25 years ago by the Bishop Foundation, this scholarship fund is designated for students in their third or fourth years of accredited four-year college or universities, as well as for students in their first two years of accredited graduate schools. Grays Harbor College manages funds for this scholarship program and Eric Potts is coordinating the program.

To qualify, applicants must have a minimum cumulate grade point average of 3.0 (as of June 25) and reside in Grays Harbor County. Undergraduate applicants must be 22 years of age or younger as of June 25 in the year when the application is submitted; graduate applicants must be 24 years of age or younger by that date. In previous years, undergraduates were eligible to receive as much as $3,000 per year, while graduate students could receive as much as $5,000. Awards are paid directly to the student’s college to offset the cost of tuition, room, board and other fines.

Further information about the program is available by contacting Eric Potts at (360) 538-4121.


CDL Program Partnership
Master Auto Certification

Grays Harbor College’s Automotive Technology program has been re-certified for another five years, following an extensive self-study report and site visitation by the National Automotive Technicians Educational Foundation (NATEF). However, this time, the GHC auto program qualified for NATEF Master Automobile Service Technology certification, one of only two colleges in Washington State and one of 122 in the nation.

The three-member evaluation team received the thorough self-study report, met with members of the College’s local advisory committee for the automotive program, and then visited the campus instructional site during Winter Quarter. Denis Samson is the automotive instructor.

In addition to being impressed by the College’s job training program and the fleet of current cars that automotive students work on, the master re-certification report made particular note of GHC’s unique Hughes Tool Scholarship program, which provides funds for qualifying students to purchase tools needed for their training program which can then help them get started on the job. Administered by the Grays Harbor College Foundation, these scholarships are funded by former Harborite, Lawrence “Pat” Hughes.

Yakima Valley Community College is the other Washington college to earn the master distinction.

NATEF certification will need renewal again in April 2019. For more information about the College’s Automotive Technology program and other workforce training programs, contact Workforce Education, 360.538.4011.


Chad Allen will be the Choker Women’s Basketball coach for the coming season. If his name sounds familiar, he was assistant men’s basketball coach for the Chokers from 1998-2002, then coached at Montesano High School from 2002-2009 and recently completed a stint as head girls basketball coach at Hoquiam High School. He takes over coaching duties from Christine Nelson, who continues as volleyball coach for the Chokers. Welcome Coach Allen, and Go Chokers!


Congratulations – GHC’s Welding program officially received re-certification through the Washington Association of Building Officials (WABO) for the next three years, receiving a perfect score from the inspection team. In their final quarter of Welding, students take hands-on WABO welding certification tests, which are recognized in Alaska, Oregon, Idaho and Washington. Welding instructor Rod McDonald is a WABO certified examiner as well.


GHC is a Plus50 Community College. Watch for more news on our designation as a Plus50 college, offering new directions and career options for our population who are over 50 years of age. Bethany (Oszman) Barnard at the Whiteside Education Center will be the Plus50 completion coach, in addition to her current duties with Continuing Education programs offered at that location. Those qualifying for this program will explore possible new careers in healthcare, social services and education. Also, the cost savings for Community Special Interest classes will now start at 50, not at age 55.


Getaway Winner – Congratulations to Toni Phipps (wife of retired GHC Science faculty Jim Phipps) who won the GHC Foundation’s Mystery Getaway trip to New Orleans at last week’s fundraiser. More than $40,000 was raised for the Foundation’s World Class Scholars program.


Trailer Services and GHC CDL Program Form Partnership

CDL Program Partnership
Roger Holcomb, Operations Manager for Trailer Service Trucking Co., Inc. congratulating
new employee, Francisco Espinosa, recent Grays Harbor College CDL program graduate.

Trailer Services wants to expand their business.  With growth comes the need for more drivers.  Grays Harbor College’s CDL program and the company are piloting a new partnership to bridge the gap between the need for local drivers and the College’s newly trained truck drivers.  Normally newly licensed CDL drivers need to drive long haul/over the road for 1-2 years before they can apply for a local driving job.  This partnership will change that.

Trailer Services offers local, family wage jobs with benefits and retirement plans. Jobs that allow drivers to work closer to home. The company entered into this partnership with GHC to hire CDL students directly after graduation.  Trailer Services actually hired their first GHC CDL graduates 13 years ago. One of those hired has since retired and another has been training the newer drivers.  

The College has had a very successful truck driving program for many years, certified by the Department of Licensing as an approved training program as well as the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges.  The training site is physically located at the Satsop Business Park and the program is taught by a full-time instructor, LaDonna Scott (a graduate from the training program) and a part-time instructional assistant, Cindy Ormiston.  The program consists of 375 hours, 215 hours more than the state required minimum of 160 hours.

As graduates from the CDL program were repeatedly discouraged when applying for local driving jobs, Nancy Estergard, CDL program advisor at the College, got back in contact with Trailer Services and several other local companies asking how the College could help the companies find qualified drivers to fill the local need.  She recently met with Sandy Tometich, (Administrative Assistant), and Galen McGinnis, (Operations Director) from Trailer Services, putting the pieces together for this pilot partnership. Trailer Services also worked with their insurance company to enable them to hire students. 

When asked about why Trailer Services was pursuing this pilot partnership, Tometich said “We have reviewed the curriculum for GHC’s CDL program and find it extremely thorough.  We want to work with a local program.  They (GHC) have the talent, we have the jobs and the ambition and resources to grow.  Trailer Services has a mandate of growth.  By utilizing GHC that growth can be realized. 

"Trailer Services offers local, family wage jobs with benefits and retirement plans. Jobs that allow drivers to work closer to home.

We want to hire drivers who want to retire with us,” she added. “We are a very family oriented company owned by a local family that believes in a family wage, offer full benefits, 401K, holiday pay, vacation, and the driver can be home almost every night.  It’s very hard to be a good parent if you’re on the road.  Trailer Services is willing to work around family obligations when they need to.”

McGinnis talked about how the partnership works.  Trailer Services personnel go to the training site and observe the CDL class.  Towards the end of their training, some graduates, who show potential and are truly looking for local jobs, will be encouraged to apply with Trailer Services. Once the application is received, evaluated, and the student is hired, they will ride and drive with a trainer to help hone their skills with additional training. When a new driver has passed all the competency skills required by Trailer Services, they will be given their own route and truck. 

McGinnis adds, “This is truly a unique opportunity for these students as well as this company.  While this is new ground to all of us, I am confident that the partnership is just the beginning of working with the College to keep local talent on the Harbor.  When it comes down to it, this is a much safer option for us than to hire someone who has received their CDL training elsewhere.  We know this training program and in 25 minutes we can be on the training site and see them actually driving.  Our local community has a long history of internal self-reliance.  This partnership gives evidence of that strength.”

Roger Holcomb of Trailer Services added “There is a big need for drivers.  When we hire someone who has graduated from the College program, we know they have received excellent training and have spent a large number of hours behind the wheel.  This makes our job to train them to work for us much easier.” 

Francisco Espinoza, a recent graduate from the GHC program, was the first hire from this pilot partnership.  He began his employment at Trailer Services in January. He said:  

"My experience training at GHC was phenomenal.  I am thankful for the instructors who challenged me, and for the amount of one on one instruction all of the students get.

The instructors listen to us; share their knowledge, points of view and experience with us, in order to improve our driving habits.  I am now more confident with the safety guidelines to be on the road in any weather conditions.  I am honored for the opportunity to drive for a local company, as I feel the need to help our community.  I am thankful for GHC’s recommendation to a successful and flourishing company that cares for their drivers to be able to go home to their family every night.” 

Another recent hire from the CDL program is Dayton Ackley, who commented, “Trailer Services offers a great opportunity for new drivers.  It’s great they are working with Grays Harbor College to provide local jobs where it’s hard to get your foot in the door.  You’re working with all aspects of hauling: from flatbed, containers, or dry van, the experience I’ve gained has been awesome.  The staff has been great and treat you like family,” Ackley added.

LaDonna Scott, the College’s CDL instructor is “looking forward to the opportunity to work with Trailer Services to ensure they get good, safe drivers and it gives our CDL students a chance to be able to work locally if they choose.” 

The College is also hoping to secure additional funding for more students to be able to enter the program.  Previously students were able to utilize Federal Financial Aid, trade act benefits, Workforce Investment Act funds, the Student Success Opportunity Grant from on campus, and retraining funds from multiple sources.  Currently the Federal financial aid funds are not able to be used for the CDL program.  The other funds still qualify. 

Now as the College and Trailer Services moves forward, they hope to see this pilot partnership become part of the “nature of doing business” and both hope to be able to expand the partnership with other local companies. 

For more information on this partnership and the Grays Harbor College CDL program, contact Nancy Estergard at 538-4012, or Marjie Stratton at 538-4011.


Chris Schumacher
GHC Welcomes new Women's Soccer Coach

Chris Schumacher has been hired to lead our new Women’s Soccer program.  Most recently, Chris has been the Head Varsity Coach at Elma High School.  He is very excited to lead our new program at GHC.  I feel Chris will do a great job getting our program started in the right direction.

Tyler Gaston, Grays Harbor College Athletic Director


Welcome Center opening soon
Welcome Center Opening for Winter Quarter

If Winter Quarter 2014 will be your first time at GHC, you will be learning about admissions, financial aid, enrollment, class registration and everything else involved in becoming a student at the new GHC Welcome Center.

The newly remodeled Admissions and Records Office in the HUB should be ready to do just that, welcome new students to the campus and provide a central location for new student services. Plus the friendly staff in the Welcome Center will be the go-to people for new students, ready to answer any question, help complete financial aid forms, arrange testing and advising appointments and provide moral support when the enrollment process may seem somewhat baffling.

"We have taken down the front wall to the Admissions Office," explains Nancy DeVerse, Associate Dean for Student Services, "And at the same time, reorganized our staff work spaces into an open, welcoming setup. New students can start at the Welcome Center and we will make sure their entire enrollment process is completed right here, in our new one-stop service center."


New Scholarships Awarded

More than 20 scholarships, were awarded recently by the College’s Foundation. The awards, totaling $45,000, are in addition to the more than $500,000 in scholarships presented last Spring for the 2013-2014 school year.

Several of the Fall scholarships are funded through the Forest C. and Ruth V. Kelsey Foundation, designated for Harbor students who are studying automotive, nursing, education and forestry.

Bi-Mart, one of the Harbor’s newest employee-owned retailers, sponsored a new scholarship for students studying business. According to the Bi-Mart announcement, the employees “hope to have a positive and powerful impact on the lives of the student recipients, with the long-term goal of helping GHC prepare students for employment.”

Two other new scholarships are the Kasey Lee Caskey Memorial Scholarship donated by his family to a student enrolled in carpentry or another vocational program; and a scholarship established by the daughter of Ronald Murray Catlin, which is open to all students, with a preference to those studying history.

Scholarship Application Process

Application Deadline: Monday, March 10th 2014

Grays Harbor College and the Grays Harbor College Foundation award hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of scholarships each year. If you want to be eligible for one of the more than 150 scholarships available, you will need to submit your application before the March 10th deadline.

The Fall Scholarship application process is available now for the 2014-2015 academic school year. Applicants will be considered for all scholarships they are eligible for, providing a valid application has been submitted and all required materials are included.

Scholarship Application Workshop Offered

If you would like some tips on creating a high quality and successful application, come to one of the GHC Scholarship Workshops offered by the TRIO Office. The next scheduled workshop is on Feb 26th from 11:00 AM-1:00 PM. Workshops take place in room 1512 on the first floor of Spellman Library. For more information, call 538-4076.

 Online Scholarship Application Home Page



Grays Harbor College is ranked as a Military Friendly School. This is significant for our military Vets who are transitioning back into civilian life. The College offers many programs and support staff to help our military students be successful. This year, we will have Tom Mills, serving as our Vetcorps Navigator. He can be reached at his campus office, 360.538.4174.

Washington community and technical colleges recognized as top military friendly schools

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Twenty-seven Washington community and technical colleges are among the top military friendly schools in the nation according to Victory Media, a media entity for military personnel transitioning to civilian life.

The 2014 Military Friendly Schools list released this week honors the top 20 percent of colleges, universities, and trade schools that do the most to ensure the success of military service members, veterans, and spouses.

Victory Media compiled the list through research and data-driven analysis of surveys from more than 10,000 federal Department of Veterans Affairs-approved schools nationwide, along with a survey of more than 4,000 student veterans. The results were independently audited by national accounting firm Ernst & Young. Washington’s community and technical colleges were among 1,818 schools nationwide to make the list.

Washington community and technical colleges on the Military Friendly Schools list are: Bates, Bellevue, Bellingham, Big Bend, Cascadia, Centralia, Clark, Clover Park, Columbia Basin, Edmonds, Everett, Grays Harbor, Green River, Lake Washington, Lower Columbia, North Seattle, Olympic, Peninsula, Pierce, Renton, Shoreline, Skagit Valley, South Puget Sound, South Seattle, Tacoma, Walla Walla and Whatcom.

Military Friendly School
Grays Harbor College offers many programs and support staff to help our military students be successful. This year, we will have Tom Mills, serving as our Vetcorps Navigator. He can be reached at his campus office, 360.538.4174.


Washington Monthly ranks GHC as best CC in the state
Grays Harbor College ranked as best Community College in the state

August 27, 2013

A new survey places Grays Harbor College as the top rated community college in the state, and 15th in the country.

The 2013 Washington Monthly college rankings are out and rank colleges throughout the country on a series of criteria. Four other Washington schools, Cascadia, Green River, Tacoma, and Highline Community Colleges all made the rankings for the top 50 in the country. The University of Washington was ranked as 13th for National Colleges. Overall, 14 Washington colleges were ranked in the Top 50 of their respective sizes.

The ranking from lists schools based on academic challenge, student effort, retention rates, and a number of other categories.

The listing is in response to a recent U.S. News & World Report, which ranked schools nationwide. This survey rated schools on what they are doing for the country, such as “improving social mobility, producing research, and promoting public service.”KXRO Newsradio

You can see the rankings at

This article is reprinted from