GHC offers two programs which can be completed fully online:

The Associate in Arts- Direct Transfer Agreement.  This degree is appropriate you if you plan to earn a bachelor's degree from a four-year college or university. (And here's a cooler version of those details.)

Early Childhood Education Initial State State Certificate, and GHC Certificates of Achievement and Completion. These are important continuing education skill courses for childcare professionals working in Washington. The Certificate of Completion meets the requirements for State of Washington Early Learning endorsement. Contact Mike Kelley, at 360-538-4013 for more information.

Remember also that GHC's online courses apply to every degree exactly the same way as face-to-face courses do. Two specific programs are of special interest to many students:

Criminal Justice offerings: The online AA-DTA degree can include online criminal justice courses which will prepare you to transfer to a Baccalaureate program in Criminal Justice. Stafford Creek Corrections Center professionals may even be able to use employment training courses from DOC to meet some of the AA-DTA's requirements.

In addition, GHC's online courses are applicable to one of the workforce preparation programs (such as the Associate of Applied Science- Criminal Justice) degree offered by GHC.

Contact the Student Support Center at 360-538-4099 for more information or consult the GHC online catalog for details on specific degree requirements.

And the GHC Reservation-Based "Bridge Program," has 80% of the course work online.  Although it is an AA degree which prepares you for transfer to any publicly funded four-year college or university, the particular selection of courses is designed to articulate with The Evergreen State College's Reservation-Based Bachelor's degree program. Contact Gary Arthur at 360-538-4209 for more information.