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Announcements for Canvas

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New to Canvas? We now have a comprehensive tutorial available! Canvas for GHC Students is an online class for persons new to Canvas, and also for those wishing a refresher. You DO NOT need to login to enter this class!


What is Canvas?

Canvas is the virtual campus of Grays Harbor College. Some courses are fully hosted online at Canvas; other times instructors will utilize Canvas as part of a 'hybrid' course, where students meet face-to-face as well as participate in class online.   

WAOL Courses vs. GHC Online Courses?

WAOL (Washington Online) courses are taught by instructors from various colleges and are open to students around the state. Because WAOL courses are utilized by colleges around the state, the schedule for those courses is different than the GHC quarter schedule, with WAOL classes often starting sooner than GHC courses. GHC courses are taught by GHC instructors for GHC students, so they are on the same schedule as our face-to-face classes each quarter.

How do I login?

To login to your Canvas account, your username is your student ID (SID) number- all nine digits, without any spaces or hyphens. Your password is the first six letters of you last name. If your last name has less than six letters, keep repeating it until you reach six letters. For example:
*** If your last name is Cho, your password would be 'chocho'
*** If your last name is Smith, your password would be 'smiths'

Are there Canvas tutorials?

There are quite a few tutorials across the web (including YouTube), but you can also check out the official Canvas Student Help Guides written by Canvas staff. For instructional videos that are specfically for GHC students, check out our GHC Canvas Tutorials page.


Who can I contact for help?

Give us a call at 360.538.4050 or send us an email at elearning@ghc.edu and one of our e-learning  specialists will get back to you as soon as possible! 


What compatibility issues should I be aware of?

For PC users, it is strongly recommended that you use either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as your browser; both are free to download for your computer. For mobile users (iPad, Nook, Kindle, Android, etc.), the browsers may not display the login screen properly. The login directions you see with such devices may be incorrect, so be certain to follow the directions given here. Once you have logged in, then Canvas will display and function normally. There are Canvas apps available for mobile devices, but for now, GHC's Canvas login and courses will not display properly. Because of this, we recommend that you not utilize any Canvas applications.


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Questions? Contact us at 360.538.4050 or elearning@ghc.edu