E-Learning at Grays Harbor College


Are you registered to take a Canvas course during Summer quarter?
You will be able to login to Canvas on June 26th;
classrooms will be accessible by July 6th.

Login to Canvas
Login to Canvas


New to Canvas? Here's a comprehensive tutorial (Canvas for GHC Students) both for persons new to Canvas, and for those wishing a refresher. You DO NOT need to login to enter this online class!


How do I login?

To login to your Canvas account, your username is your student ID (SID) number- all nine digits, without any spaces or hyphens. Your password is the first six letters of you last name. If your last name has less than six letters, keep repeating it until you reach six letters. For example:
*** If your last name is Cho, your password would be 'chocho'
*** If your last name is Smith, your password would be 'smiths'


How can I get help or more information?

Visit the main page for Online Learning at GHC.
Give us a call at 360.538.4050
Send us an email at elearning@ghc.edu and one of our e-learning  specialists will get back to you as soon as possible!