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GHC Alert allows registered users – including Grays Harbor College students, faculty and staff – to receive emergency alerts on their cell phones or other mobile devices during a campus emergency.

GHC Alert messages will be sent only during critical situations. The system will not be used to distribute advertising or other unsolicited content.

Registered users may also choose to be notified of non-emergency campus closures and daily class cancelations. These notifications will be sent only to those users who specifically request them. Users can opt-out of receiving these non-emergency notices at any time.

While GHC Alert is a free service offered by Grays Harbor College, you may be charged a standard text messaging fee by your service provider.

Registration is simple. Sign-up by filling out the new user registration form below.

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To provide this service, Grays Harbor College has contracted with e2Campus, a mass notification provider working with colleges and universities nationwide to add text messaging to their emergency communications plans.

Should you have any questions about how to subscribe, read our Frequently Asked Questions, or contact Lance James in the GHC Safety/Security Office, (Room 2325, MIB), 360-538-4120 or


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