Grays Harbor College

Safety and Security

Incident Report Process

An “incident” refers to a loss/damage to college property, loss/damage to personal property, criminal activity or an injury involving a student/visitor (occurring on campus or participating in a college activity).  Download and print the Incident Report form.

For injuries or illnesses involving an employee, contact the Human Resource Office to obtain an Injury and Illness Report form.

When an incident does occur, the person who is first aware of the incident needs to do the following:

Ø      Notify your supervisor.  Determine with the supervisor or Safety and Security (538-4120) if police should be called.  If in doubt, call 911

Ø      Notify Safety and Security if there is a safety or security issue.

Ø      Include in the incident report any losses or damaged property, along with estimated costs.  For college property, include state tag number(s) and serial number(s).

Ø      If the incident was reported to law enforcement, get the police case number from the officer. 

Ø      Submit completed Incident Report to the following:

Vice President for Student Services
Safety and Security Office
Chief Executive for Human Resources




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