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Sex Offenders

The federal Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act went into effect October 28, 2002. This law requires institutions of higher education to issue a statement advising the campus community where law enforcement information provided by Washington State concerning registered sex offenders may be obtained.

Level III offenders enrolled at GHC this Quarter:

Sakhy Hondamhack
Sakhy Hondamhack

Level Three Sex Offender/
Burglary in the second degree - Sexual Motivation

Birth Year: 1980
Height: 5' - 7"
Weight: 145
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

600 Block of Minnesota Ave, South Bend.

Burglary in the second degree - Sexual Motivation, 3 Counts.

Michael J. Beckwith
Daniel T. Ball
Level Three Sex Offender/
Kidnap Offender

Birth Year: 1986
Height: 5' - 9"
Weight: 214
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Brown

100 Block Paradise Avenue, Malone.

Rape of a Child 1st Degree, 2 Counts

Brett A. Swarthout
Guy S. Woods
Level Three Sex Offender/
Kidnap Offender
Birth Year 1988
Height 5' - 10"
Weight 170
Hair Brown
Eyes Black

1600 Block State Route 105, Grayland.

Indecent Liberties.

Additional sex offender information may be found by clicking on the following links:

Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office
Pacific County Sheriff’s Office
Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs


Sex Offender Levels and What They Mean:

Level I

The majority of sex offenders are classified as Level I offenders. They are considered at low risk to re-offend.

Washington Sate Law strictly prohibits public disclosure of Level I Registered Sex Offender information.

Level II

Level II offenders have a moderate risk of re-offending because of the nature of their previous crime(s) and lifestyle (drug and alcohol abuse and other criminal activity). Some have refused to participate or failed to complete approved treatment programs.

Washington State Law prohibits public disclosure of Level II Registered Sex Offenders except under specific criteria.

Level III

Level III offenders are the greatest risk to the community. Most are predatory, have other violent crime convictions, may have refused treatment, and are known substance abusers. Community notification is the most extensive.

Washington State Law permits notifications regarding Level III offenders that include relevant, accurate, and necessary information. This information may be disclosed to the public at large.



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