Grays Harbor College

Safety and Security @ GHC

Grays Harbor College employs one full-time person responsible for safety and security at the Aberdeen campus and the off campus sites.  The Safety and Security Coordinator’s office is located in the 2000 Building, room 2323 and can be contacted at (360) 538-4120 or at


The Safety and Security Coordinator has the authority to ask persons for identification and to

determine whether individuals have lawful business on campus, but does not have arrest power. Criminal incidents are referred to law enforcement agencies, which have jurisdiction on the main campus and off campus sites. The college maintains an excellent working relationship with the Aberdeen Police Department (Aberdeen Main Campus and Whiteside Center ), Raymond Police Department ( Raymond Education Center ) and Long Beach Police Department ( Columbia Education Center ).  All crime victims and witnesses are strongly encouraged to immediately report the crime to the appropriate law enforcement agencies and also report crimes and incidents that occur on campus to the Safety and Security Coordinator.  Prompt reporting will ensure timely warning notices and disclosure of crime statistics.


Campus buildings are locked and unlocked at scheduled times as conditions and usage warrant.  Employees that need access after hours should contact their supervisor to request a key.


The Security Department maintains a case log that records all crimes reported to the Security Department, including the nature, date, time, general location, and the disposition of the complaint, if known.  These activities are logged and available for public inspection within two days.


The college does not have student housing.


Reporting an Incident

1. Call 911 for Police, Medic or Fire.


2. Call (360) 532-9020 GHC Switchboard.  The switchboard has direct radio communications to the Safety and Security Coordinator and Campus Operation Staff.


3. Call (360) 538-4120, Safety and Security Coordinator or email


4.  For off campus sites, reports can be made to the community education center coordinator.


Timely Warnings

In the event that a situation that arises either on or off campus and, in the judgment of the college constitutes an ongoing or continuous threat, a campus “timely warning” will be issued.  Depending on the particular circumstances of the incident, especially in situations that could pose an immediate threat to the community and individuals, the college may employ a number of different mechanisms to notify the campus of the threat.


Weapons Possession

Possession, transportation or storage of any firearm(s), explosives, dangerous chemicals or other weapons, devices or substances which can be used to inflict bodily harm or to damage real or personal property, is strictly forbidden on all college property.  This does not apply to commissioned police officers as prescribed by law.  WAC 132B-120-040 (16)





Grays Harbor College
1620 Edward P. Smith Drive
Aberdeen , WA 98520

(360) 532-9020 or toll-free (in WA state) 1-(800) 562-4830
Fax: (360) 538-4299

Off-Campus Locations

Riverview Education Center, Raymond: (360) 538-4023
Columbia Education Center, Ilwaco: (360) 538-2539
Whiteside Education Center, Aberdeen: (360) 538-4088