Grays Harbor College

Safety and Security

Crime Prevention

Keys to Personal Safety:

If possible, do not walk alone at night.

Be aware of your surroundings. Visually scan your area and maintain a safe distance

from strangers.

Walk with confidence.

Always keep your vehicle doors locked and windows up while driving.

Keep your residence doors locked while at home.

Protecting Your Personal Property:

Never leave your belongings unattended.

Lock your cellular phone keypad.

Never leave valuables in your vehicle.

In your office - keep wallets and purses in a locked cabinet.

Vehicle Safety:

Park in well-lighted areas.

Scan the area before shutting off your vehicle.

Don’t park near vans with side doors, or areas where someone may be hiding.

Lock your vehicle and take the keys with you.

When returning to your vehicle, have your keys ready.

Look under and inside your vehicle before getting in.


If you see any suspicious activity call Campus Switchboard (Dial 0 from any on campus telephone or 532-9020) or 911.


For information about crime prevention, contact the Safety and Security Coordinator at (360) 538-4120 or at





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Off-Campus Locations

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