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Safety and Security



A tsunami watch
A watch reports on conditions that may generate a tsunami.

  • Listen to your radio, NOAA Weather Radio, or TV for updates on the watch.
  • Know well in advance what your safest evacuation route will be (the main campus upper parking lot is designated as a tsunami assembly area).

A tsunami warning
A warning reports that a tsunami may have been generated.


  • Move to higher ground or inland (the main campus upper parking lot is designated as a tsunamis assembly area).
  • If no higher ground is near, go to upper levels of reinforced buildings.
  • Continue to monitor your local radio or NOAA Weather Radio for further information and instructions.
  • Wait for the “ALL CLEAR” before you return to the beach or to your home.


Coastal evacuation signs

Tsunami evacuation routes were developed to help coastal residents and visitors find safer locations in case of an earthquake and tsunami.  Evacuation signs have been placed along coastal roadways to indicate the direction inland or to higher ground.

In some places, there may be more than one direction available to reach safer areas.  These routes may be marked with several signs showing additional options for evacuation.  You should know the evacuation routes for your area.


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