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A.E.D. Locations
About GHC

Academic Advising - See: Student Support Center
Academic Calendar
Academic Transfer
Accident Report Form (for faculty/staff)
Activities Calendar
Administrative Procedures
Administrative Services, Office of
Administrative Team
Admissions & Records Office, GHC
Admissions Procedures - See also: Frequently Asked Questions
Adult Basic Education (ABE) - See also: ABE Faculty Resources
Advisor's Data Portal
Advisors/Advising - See: Student Support Center
Annual Planning Schedule Adobe Acrobat document
Application for Admission form - See also: Online Application; GHC Application for Returning Students
Appilication for Degrees & Certificates
Art Department
Articulation - Tech Prep
Assessment of Student Learning
Associate in Arts Degree (See: General Catalog)
Associate in Applied Science/Technology (See: General Catalog)
Associate in Business - Direct Transfer Agreement (See: General Catalog)
Associate in Pre-Nursing - Direct Transfer Agreement (See: General Catalog)
Associate in General Studies (See: General Catalog)
Associate in Science AS-T Track 1 and AS-T Track 2 (See: General Catalog)
Associate in Science (See: General Catalog)
Associated Students of Grays Harbor College (ASGHC) - see also: Student Message Board
Audio-Visual Services - See: John Spellman Library Media Center
Auditing a Course - See: General Catalog
Automotive Technology - See: WorkForce Education


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Baccalaureate Degree Opportunities
Basic Food Employment & Training (BFET)
Basic Skills Programs
Baseball - See: Choker Athletics
Basketball, Men's - See: Choker Athletics
Basketball, Women's - See: Choker Athletics
Behavioral Concerns Report
Bishop Center for Performing Arts
Bishop Scholarship Program
Board of Trustees
Board Policies
Bookstore - see also: faculty book orders
Budget, Annual Operating Adobe Acrobat document
Bus Service to Campus - see GH Transit
Business Institute
Business Management Programs - See: WorkForce Education
Business Office, GHC


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Campus Facilities and Rental Rates
Campus Map
Campus Operations
Canvas - Online Course Login
Career Planning
Carpentry Technology - See: WorkForce Education
Catalog, GHC
Catering - See GHC Food Service
Certificates of Achievement - See: WorkForce Education
Certificates of Completion - See: WorkForce Education; Gainful Employment Disclosures
Certified Nursing Assistant - See: WorkForce Education
Change of Major - See: General Catalog
Charlie Choker
Charlie's Café
Child Care, on-campus
Choker Athletics
CityU of Seattle
Class Information - online
Class Schedules (related link: Student Information Kiosk)
Class Locations
Classweb (GHC course discussions and collaboration server)
Classified Ads (online student message board)
Clothing Exchange
Clubs, Student - See also: Student Message Board
College Catalog
College Facilities (related link: GHC Offices and Departments directory)
College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
College Success Plan
Columbia Education Center
Committees, GHC
Community Education Centers
Community Education Classes
Completion Rates (Student Right to Know)
Comprehensive Self-Evaluation, 2011 Report
Computer Labs
Computer Services
Construction Project Updates
Continuing Education

Contract, Faculty - Staff
Counseling - See: Student Support Center
Course Descriptions (See: General Catalog)
Course Outlines
Copyright Issues & Policies
CPT Testing - See also: CPT Score Request Form
Crime Statistics (Student Right to Know)
Criminal Justice Programs - See: WorkForce Education


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Daycare, on-campus

Degree & Certificate Appication Forms
Degree & Certificate Program Outcomes
Degree Audit
Degrees, Requirements for - See: General Catalog
Departments, GHC
Designated Smoking Areas Map
Desired Student Abilities
Developmental Education
Diesel Technology Programs - See: WorkForce Education
Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) - See: General Catalog
Directory, Faculty and Staff
Disability Support Services
Discrimination Grievance Procedure
Discussion Boards (online)
Distance Learning
Diversity Center
Dramatic Productions - See also: Bishop Center for Performing Arts
Driving Directions
Dropping/Adding Courses - See: General Catalog
Drugs and Alcohol Abuse - See: Student Handbook
Dual Credit


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Early Alert forms
E-mail (Students)
E-mail (Staff)
Education Center - locations and contacts
Emergency Action Plan (EAP)
Employee Earnings History
Employee Handbook Adobe Acrobat document
Employment Information
English as a Second Language (ESL) - See also: ESL Faculty Resources
Entrepreneurship Programs - See: WorkForce Education
Equal Opportunity
Evening Administrator Schedule
Evening Registration Form Adobe Acrobat document
Events & Activities Calendar
Evergreen at Grays Harbor
Examinations, Final
Executive Team


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Facilities Master Plan
(Dec., 2007 /12.5 MB)Adobe Acrobat document
Facility Use Application & Rental Rates See also: Facility Use form for GHC student groups
Faculty Book Order Form
Faculty Contract
Faculty Directory See also: Office Hours, Faculty Adobe Acrobat document
Fast4Ward, New Student Orientation
Fax Numbers, GHC
Fees, Tuition and Refunds - See also:online payments
Final Exam Schedule
Financial Aid - See also: GHC Foundation
Fitness Lab
Food Services - See: Charlie's Café
Forestry Programs - See: WorkForce Education
Forms (for GHC staff)
Foundation Office, GHC
Four-Year Degrees


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Gainful Employment Program Disclosures

GED Transcript Request
General Catalog, GHC
GHC Alert - Emergency Notification System
Golf - See: Choker Athletics
Grade Appeal Process (See: Operational Policy 407, Student Rights/Responsibilities)
Grades, Online Access
Graduation - See: Application for Degrees & Certificates
Grays Harbor Symphony Orchestra


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Handbook for GHC Students

Health Insurance Plans (for students)
Help Desk (Internal-use only)
HigherOne (My GHC Card Account)
Hope 1098 Tax Credit
Hospitality Requisition form
HS21+ Program
Human Resources Office, GHC
Human Services Programs - See: WorkForce Education


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I-BEST Program
Incident Report Form
Incomplete, Grade of See: Student Handbook
Industrial Technology Programs - See: WorkForce Education
Information Literacy
Information Technology Department, GHC - See also: Technology Help Desk (Internal-use only)
Institutional Effectiveness, Research & Planning (IERP)
Insurance Plans, Student Health
Instruction, Office of
Instructional Managers
Instructional Review Handbook Adobe Acrobat document
Instructor Briefcase
Instructor's Guide
Instructor's Office Hours Adobe Acrobat document
International Student Program - Information Packet Adobe Acrobat document


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Job Placement - See also: Student Message Board
John Spellman Library Media Center


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Key Return Receipt form Adobe Acrobat document
Key Request form Adobe Acrobat document
Key Update Adobe Acrobat document
Kiosk (online student records)


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Lake Swano

Law Enforcement Programs - See: WorkForce Education
Learning Center, The
Library/Media Center
Logo, Official GHC


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Maintenance Work Request Form
Map of Campus (Aberdeen)
Mascot - Charlie Choker
Master Agreement, Faculty
Master Course Outlines (.pdf format)
Master Plan, Facilities (Dec., 2007 /12.5 MB)Adobe Acrobat document
Mediation and Settlement Center
Medical Records Office Assistant - See: WorkForce Education
Meeting Minutes (of select campus committees)
Mission Statement
Model Watershed Project
Motor Pool - See also: Vehicle Reservation Calendar * Vehicle Request Form
Music Department- See also: Performing Arts


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Natural Resources Programs - See: WorkForce Education
New Employee Handbook Adobe Acrobat document
New Student Orientation
Night Duty Administrator Schedule
Non-Descrimination Policy
Nursing - See also: Workforce Education


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Occupational Programs

Office Hours, Faculty Adobe Acrobat document
Offices and Departments, GHC
Office Technology Programs - See: WorkForce Education
Online Learning
Operational Policies and Procedures, GHC
Opportunity Grant (Project Success)
Orientation for New Students
Outcomes Assessment
Outlook E-mail (Staff)
Outreach Locations, GHC


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Pacific County Facilities

Parking See also: Visitor Parking Permit Adobe Acrobat document
Part-time hourly Time Card Adobe Acrobat document
Payment of Tuition and Fees - See: online credit card payment
Pell Grant
Performing Arts - See also: Bishop Center Schedule and Tickets
Personal Identification Number (PIN) - See also: Student PIN Change
Personnel and Payroll
Phone Directory, GHC (also available in MS Word and Adobe Acrobat format)
Placement Test
Plus 50 Program
Practical Nursing - See: WorkForce Education
Prior Learning
Privacy Notice
Program Outcomes
Public Relations Office
Purchasing Office


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Quarterly Schedule of Classes


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Reciprocity Adobe Acrobat document
Recreational Fitness Lab
Regional Information
Register for Classes (online)
Registered Nursing - See: WorkForce Education
Registration, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Registration Appointment (online)
Registration Form: Evening & WAOL classes  |  CSI Classes   Adobe Acrobat document
Registration Log-in
Rental Rates - See: Campus Facilities
Research, Assessment & Planning (IERP)
Reservation-Based Associate in Arts Degree
Retail Bookkeeping - See: WorkForce Education
Returning Student Admissions Application (for students who have previously attended GHC)
Right to Know Information - (Completion Rates / Campus Safety)
Riverview Education Center
Room Reservations Calendar
Running Start

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Schedule of Classes
Schedule Planner (online)
Scholarships - See also: GHC Foundation
Self-Evaluation Report, 2011
Services to Students
Small Business/Entrepreneurship Programs - See: WorkForce Education
Smoking Areas - (GHC Operational Policies and Procedures)
Softball - See: Choker Athletics
Staff Development and Training
Staff Directory
Stafford Creek Corrections Center - See: General Catalog; Faculty Contract; Phone Directory
STARS (Online Scholarship Application)
State Need Grant (SNG)
Strategic Directions and College-Wide Goals
Strategic Planning
Student Activities Calendar
Student Government
Student Handbook
Student Identification Number - See also: General Catalog
Student Information Kiosk
Student Life - See: Events & Activities Calendar
Student Message Boards
Student Organizations and Clubs

Student Records - online access
Student Rights and Responsibilities
Student Right to Know (Completion Rates / Campus Safety)
Student Schedule - online access
Student Success Office
Student Support Center
Study Skills - See: GHC Learning Center; TRiO Office
Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants (SEOG)
Surplus Equipment, Public Auction
Symphony, Grays Harbor

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Tech Prep Program

Technology Help Desk (Internal-use only)
Tenure Information for Faculty
    - College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
    - College Placement Test (CPT)
    - GED Exam
    - Test Proctoring
Theatre/Theatrical Arts - See also: Bishop Center for Performing Arts
Transcript Request Form Adobe Acrobat document - See also: GED Transcript Request Form
Transfer Degree Information
Transfer of Credit - See: General Catalog; GHC Student Support Center
TRiO - Student Support Services Program
Tuition, Fees and Refunds
Tutoring Program

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Vision, Mission and Values
Veterans Benefits - See also: General Catalog
Veterans Resources
Visitor Parking Permit Adobe Acrobat document
Vocational Programs

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Walking Routes, GHC Campus
WAOL (Washington Online)
Welding Technology - See:Workforce Education; syllabi
Whiteside Education Center
Who We Serve (enrollment statistics)
Withdrawal From Classes/College - See: General Catalog
Work Request Form (Campus Operations)
WorkFirst Services
Workforce Education
Work-Study Program
World Class Scholars
     WCS Student Contract - (MS Word format)
WPEA - See also: WPEA Contract
Writing Help Desk

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Your Right To Know

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