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Educational Planning

Whether you are pursuing a degree or a certificate at GHC, you should plan your education carefully. Here are a few guidelines to help you:


Educational options
A transfer degree prepares you to enter a university with all or most of your first two-year requirements completed. See: Grays Harbor College transfer degrees

A professional/technical degree or certificate prepares you to enter the workforce in the field you have chosen. See: Grays Harbor College professional/technical degrees and certificates


Choosing a career goal
Educational planning can be difficult if you don’t have a career goal. Making a sound career decision as soon as possible could save you time and money. The GHC Student Support Center in the HUB offers career exploration services; contact 538-4099 to make an appointment. Also discuss career options with your advisor and instructors.


Knowing your transfer school.
If you plan to transfer, consult with your advisor and contact the program advisors at your next school as soon as possible. Universities differ in requirements, so obtaining accurate transfer information is vital for a smooth transition between schools. The Student Support Center can also provide transfer information.


Create an Educational Plan
Work with your advisor to develop an educational plan by your second or third quarter at GHC. Your plan should list all the courses you need to complete your degree or certificate and show when you will take each class. There is a place in the degree audit where your advisor can input your educational plan. Once there you can view it at any time. You will need your student ID and your global pin number to enter the degree audit program.


Planning Worksheets
Planning worksheets for some degrees can be found at under "Advising Documents and Forms".