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Graduation Preparation

Apply for a degree/certificate
If you are nearing graduation you need to submit an application for degree to the Admissions and Records Office. This starts the process of evaluating your transcript for degree completion.  You’ll need to submit a separate application for each certificate or degree you plan to earn.

Ideally, you should complete this application two quarters before you plan to graduate. It must be submitted no later than the start of your final quarter.

Applications for a degree and certificates are available online at under "Advising Documents and Forms" or in paper form at the Admissions and Records Office in the HUB.


Prepare to take part in the graduation ceremony
If you complete your degree requirements in any quarter during the academic year, you may participate in the graduation ceremony in June of that year.  Graduation information will be sent to all eligible graduates at the beginning of April. If you do not receive this information by the end of April contact the Office of Student Services, in the HUB or at 360-538-4066.