Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training (I-Best) at Grays Harbor College

What is Professional/Technical I-BEST?

Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training (I-BEST) is a co-teaching model in which one instructor focuses on vocational content and the other teaches reading, writing, and math skills and strategies as it relates to that vocation. Both instructors work as a team and plan activities, lessons, and assessments that are relevant to course outcomes. I-BEST occurs during 50% of the Professional/Technical classes, and students also enroll in a free I-BEST support class. Each I-BEST support class tailors its structure and content to help students develop the necessary strategies and skills needed for the rigorous Professional/Technical programs offered at Grays Harbor College.

Our Professional/Technical I-BEST programs serve a variety of students: dislocated workers from Work Source, Work First students, high school graduates, and students transitioning from Adult Education and English as a Second Language programs.


Benefits of I-BEST


What Instructors and Students are Saying About I-BEST

CarpentryI-BEST helps to bridge the gap between mechanical aptitude and sustainable employment.  Mastery of applied mathematics and strong communication skills (English) are essential for career success in carpentry.  I-BEST provides students with additional support for the development of these essential skills.” - Adam Pratt, carpentry instructor

Welding The I-BEST training session after weld class is a great opportunity for guys to get plumbed up their math and English skills. The lessons are based on welding problems and information so there is a double benefit. I encourage all students to participate.” - Rod McDonald, welding instructor

Teamwork between instructors makes the I-BEST program an ideal learning environment for all students. Empowering students in the classroom is the first step to success in the work force.”  - Tricia McIntosh, I-BEST instructor

We’ve seen overall improvement in quarterly projects that are involved with the Human Services Program. Students who participate in I-BEST learn valuable skills in research, writing, presentations and even some math. Ask a prior I-BEST student and you will hear for yourself how their participation aided them in successfully completing their first year of the Human Services Program.” - Jeff Newman, I-BEST instructor

getting into the school-work mindsetI-BEST has been a huge help for me to get refreshed on some of the math I forgot how to do.” - John, student

I-BEST has helped me regain good study habits and get back into a ‘school work mind set.” - Dean, student

More Results: I-BEST Evidence of Success

President Obama's Support

“Now, just as we've opened the doors of college to every American, we also have to ensure that more students can walk through them. That's why I've challenged every American to commit to at least one year of higher education or advanced training because, by the end of the next decade, I want to see America have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world.     

We used to have that; we no longer do. We are going to get that lead back.

And to help us achieve that goal, we are investing $2.5 billion to identify and support innovative initiatives that have a record of success in boosting enrollment and graduation rates, initiatives like the I-BEST program in Washington state that combines basic and career skills classes to ensure that students not only complete college, but are competitive in the workforce from the moment they graduate.”

Excerpt taken from “Obama Remarks on Higher Education

CQ Transcripts Wire Friday, April 24, 2009; 2:23 PM

I-BEST Programs at GHC

Automotive Technology
Auto 111, 112, 113, 211, 212 & 213  
Instructors: Denis Samson & Jason Lake  
I-BEST Support Class offered daily, fall—spring
Automotive Program Information Packet 

Carpentry Technology
Carp 121, 122, 123, 221, 222 & 223  
Instructors: Adam Pratt & Dave Blum  
I-BEST Support Class offered daily, fall—spring
Carpentry Program Information Packet

Welding Technology
Weld 100, 110, 120, 130, 240, 245, 248, & 250 
Instructors: Rod McDonald & Tricia McIntosh 
I-BEST Support Class offered daily, fall—spring
Welding Program Information Packet

Human Services
HS 101, 102, 108, & 109  
Instructors: Chandra Miller-Starks & TBD 
I-BEST Support Class offered weekly, fall—spring
Human Services Information Packet



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