Gaining Momentum

Achievement points are the quantifiers used to gauge student success under the Student Achievement Initiative.
For I-BEST these points are calculated by the level gains made in the Basic Skills component, determined by CASAS post-testing.

Additional Momentum Points are earned for the first 15  and 30 college level credits earned.

I-BEST Results

I-BEST Works!

Evidence of success in college related programming:
Spring quarter 2009
I-BEST Students who attended the Basic Skills support class at least 69% of the time, received a grade of “B” or higher in the welding class.

Students who attended less than 21% of the time received a “C” or lower in the class.

Evidence of Success

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College Placement

Does a student’s participation in I-BEST programs help them to be successful in other areas in college?

Data gathered suggests it does. Students who retook their CPT after attending I-BEST classes improved their scores as shown in the chart below.

Avg. Pt. Increase
Elementary Algebra
College-level Math