What Students Should Expect with ctcLink

In November 2021, Grays Harbor College will move to a new student technology system, ctcLink.  Manage your entire college experience from your mobile device, laptop, or home computer.  With ctcLink you will be able to do the following:

  • View and update your student information and manage personal contact info.
  • Register for classes, add, and drop.
  • Pay tuition and fees and handle financial aid processes.
  • View your grades, track academic goals, and apply for graduation.
  • Contact your instructor or advisor.

ctcLink offers a more consistent experience across the Washington community and technical college (CTC) system.  You’ll have 24/7 access to an online student center, and so will your advisors and instructors.  You will continue to use Canvas in your classes; this will not change or be interrupt with the change to ctcLink. 

When will this change take place?

ctcLink is scheduled to go live for Grays Harbor College during Fall Quarter on November 8, 2021.  As we get closer to the go live date, you’ll receive more information. 

Key Dates

  • September 20, 2021 – Fall Quarter Classes Begin
  • October 25, 2021 – Look for information about using ctcLink to register for Winter Quarter in your Grays Harbor College email.
  • November 8, 2021 – ctcLink goes live at Grays Harbor
  • Week of November 15, 2021 – Students will have access to ctcLink to activate their account

Check the Website, ctcLink for Students

Look for officials in advance of any major changes, and make sure to check the website.

Preparing for the Change

In the months prior to “go live,” staff across Grays Harbor College are preparing for the new ctcLink system.  As you can imagine learning and implementing an entirely new system can be challenging.  Right now, staff members are engaged in training, building the new system, verifying data, and testing the system to ensure it is ready for launch.  Countless hours have been and continue to be devoted to these efforts.

As we prepare, you may notice a slowdown in processing information and day-to-day activities.  Additionally, all Student Services offices have reduced hours on Fridays through December 2021, allowing staff to complete required training and testing sessions.  We ask for your patience as our staff works to balance training, testing, and daily work in two systems – our current system and the new ctcLink environment.  Please know, students are our first priority and we strive every day to meet your needs in a timely way, even now as we transition to ctcLink. 

Changes in Class Registration

Registration for Winter Quarter 2021 for current students has been pushed back from October 18 and will now being November 22 using the new ctcLink system.  Look for more information after October 25 about how to use ctcLink to register. 

New Student ID Numbers

If you are a current student, you will be assigned a new ID number—a ctcLink ID.  Expect to receive an email message about your new ID number and instructions after October 25.  With this new ID, you will have one login to access your information at Grays Harbor Colleges as well as all Washington State community and technical colleges.  If you transfer in from or out to another CTC in Washington state, your ID will follow you and you will be able to use the same ID to access your information.  Expect more information and instructions to come before any changes occur.  All new incoming students also will receive a ctcLink ID.

Background about ctcLink

All CTCs across Washington state are transitioning to ctcLink, replacing an outdated computer system.  So far, half of the community college have moved to ctcLink. 

Washington’s 34 CTCs have shared back-office administrative systems for 30 years, but that software is now both limited in its functionality and outdated.  CTCs are implementing a new and more flexible information system to meet business and educational needs now and into the future.  However, it is about much more than new software.  ctcLink is an unprecedented and significant business transformation project for all 34 CTCs and the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges agency.  It will change the way we all do business—both locally and together as a system. 

ctcLink at GHC