Letter of Accommodation

During the Intake Interview, AAS staff and qualified student develop a Letter of Accommodation (LOA). The LOA specifies which accommodations the student qualifies for and is intended to begin communication between the student and his/her instructor.

The student is responsible for giving a copy of their LOA to each instructor. The LOA is not activated until the student discusses the accommodations with his/her instructors.  ASS staff is available, if the student would prefer, to participate in the conversation the student has with his/her instructor to activate his/her LOA.

Access an Example LOA

Example of discussing LOA with an instructor Video 1

Example of discussing LOA with an instructor Video 2

Activate Letter of Accommodation

  1. Each quarter meet with AAS staff to receive Letter of Accommodation (LOA).
  2. Meet with instructor to discuss and determine the best method of providing accommodation(s) in specific situations/classes.  
  3. Organize with instructor and, if applicable, AAS scheduled accommodations such as testing or field trips prior to when each occurs throughout the quarter. 

Please Note:  It is recommended that students utilize the instructor's office hours to discuss student's Letter of Accommodation