Types of Gifts

As a non–profit corporation formed under Washington State law, the GHC Foundation is a recognized tax–exempt organization under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Your gift is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law (Tax ID: 91-6052939).

Gifts of any size are important to the Foundation's ability to provide students with a quality educational experience and to support the academic environment at GHC. There are numerous ways to invest in GHC that suits your philanthropic goals and financial circumstances.



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The simplest, easiest gift, cash can be given through credit and debit card transaction using the link below, cash or personal/cashier's check or money order made payable to "GHC Foundation".  The Foundation can also accept wire transfers if you contact us directly at (360) 538-4024.


Donor-Advised Funds

One way to support GHC is through a donor-advised fund or DAF. This type of giving has become more popular for individuals and families that want to benefit multiple charities throughout the year and for extended periods of time.

A DAF is a separately managed fund that is maintained and operated by a sponsoring organization, such as a Community Foundation, Vanguard or Edward Jones.  Once the donor establishes a DAF, that individual and/or a representative retains advisory privileges with respect to investment allocations and distributions to various charities.

In addition to offering ease of administration, a DAF offers the opportunity to create a low-cost, flexible way to diversify your philanthropy without the expense of creating a private foundation.

Employer Gift Matching

Employer matching gift programs are great ways to increase the overall value and impact of your gift to GHC. Many companies, large and small, will match employees' contributions to colleges and universities — and some even match contributions from their employees' spouses, retirees or board members. Simply obtain a matching gift form from your employer, complete it and send it to the GHC Foundation with your contribution. All matched funds will be designated to the area to which you originally contributed your gift. 


An endowment is one of the most powerful ways you can support Grays Harbor College.  An endowment is a gift of assets that is strategically converted into long-term investments to provide sustainable, long-term financial support.  Only the earned returns on your endowment are spent; the principal remains intact, yielding benefits to the college in perpetuity.  Gifts over $50,000 qualify to establish an endowment, allowing donors to watch their gifts inspire and encourage, creating excellence today with the assurance that their investments will fortify the college and its posterity, touching countless lives for generations to come.

Estate and Gift Planning

Estate gifts and planned gifts are an effective way to manage your affairs, plan for the future, and make a meaningful gift to Grays Harbor College. Common gift planning strategies include bequests, charitable gift annuities or remainder trusts, donor advised funds, gifts of life insurance, or real property. Many gift planning strategies can provide a reliable source of income and/or tax benefits for the donor.  

Life Insurance

Life insurance is also an excellent tool for accomplishing philanthropic goals while realizing other important financial objectives. Life insurance can empower individuals to make charitable gifts they never would have dreamed possible.  Contact your life insurance company or broker for more information.

Real Estate

When appreciated real estate is gifted to the Foundation, capital gains taxes may be avoided and the full fair market of the property may be deductible as a charitable contribution. Please contact your tax advisor with questions about gifting real estate and how it applies to your personal tax situation. 


Gifts of marketable bonds, stocks or mutual fund shares that have appreciated is a superb way to show support for Grays Harbor College.  Gifts of securities may create a favorable income tax deduction for you based on the assets’ current value.  Please contact your tax advisor with questions about the deductibility of these gifts and how it applies to your personal tax situation.