GHC Foundation - Impact

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From scholarship programs that help students pursue their dreams to funding that supports cultural events at the Bishop Center, donors are changing lives at Grays Harbor College. Reference the charts below to see the impact philanthropy is making on Grays Harbor College and the lives of students.

2021-2022 Academic Year

Student Support


To empower students with scholarships for all types of programs and pursuits.

College Support


To equip college programs with relevant equipment and unique experiences that advance educational opportunities.



In cash, pledges, and in-kind gifts from generous donors who believe in our mission.

Hold Over


In dedicated funding to serve GHC and its students.

Over the Years

Our impact fluctuates due to many variables such as market returns, donor giving, grant awards, and the level of support needed for the College and students.  Over the last ten years, our assets under management have continued to grow in part to the generosity of our donors and the fiscal management of the assets.

Graph of amount of money supported to students

A graph of amounts of money assets under management

Help Change Lives!

Our donors are comprised of community members, alumni, businesses, and other philanthropic foundations.  Our donors believe their gifts will make a difference in the lives of our students and ensure advanced educational opportunities at the college.

Let us help match your interests with a variety of programs and initiatives at Grays Harbor College.  Your gifts have the power to change individual lives, our community, and the world.  Contact us today!