Scholarship Application

The Spring Scholarship application will be available: January 4 – March 11 for the 2018-2019 academic school year. Applicants will be considered for all scholarships they are eligible for, providing a valid application has been submitted and all required materials are included and properly uploaded.

Important Information Before Applying

Before starting an application, carefully read and follow all instructions in order to successfully complete and submit a valid scholarship application.

What Will I Need?

  • Two letters of reference with original signatures.
  • One copy of your most recent transcript.
    • Recent high school graduates are to request transcripts from their former high school.
    • Current college students can request their transcripts here.
  • An academic resume (Example resume).
  • Your personal essay; if additional essays are required they will appear in the "Follow-Ups" section after you have submitted your application.
  • To be eligible for need-based scholarships, you MUST provide your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) that comes from FASFA or WASFA and confirm on the application that your FASFA or WASFA has been submitted to Grays Harbor College.  Note: not all scholarships are defined as need-based.

How do I Apply for a Scholarship?

By clicking the link below and entering the application, you understand and agree with all terms and conditions stated above and within the application.  Please note, the availability of scholarships may change throughout the application process, based on funding, donor directives and other factors. This means that a scholarship you appear to be eligible for may no longer be available.

Apply for Scholarships Now!

How Will I Be Notified?

Applicants will be notified by mail in late April. No information will be given over the phone prior to the letters being mailed.