World Class Scholars

The World Class Scholar (WCS) program started in 1993 to form a partnership between students, parents and Grays Harbor College.  This partnership provides a pathway to a college education for students through Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties and provide scholarships to students who complete the program.

Grays Harbor College recruits and administers the WCS program, often meeting with students as early on as 7th grade which introduces the concept of higher education and a pathway to accessing it at Grays Harbor College. The Foundation funds the scholarship program through donations and grants and annually presents scholarship awards to student recipients who completed the program.  In 1999, WCS received the Innovation in Education Award from the United States Senate and to this day, continues to be a vital program to students in the Twin Harbors region.

How Does It Work?

Students are invited to sign a contract committing to several scholastic, leadership and community service goals to be met before their high school graduation. Grays Harbor College offers the commitment of entrance to GHC along with a scholarship award from the GHC Foundation to each World Class Scholar for their first year at GHC.

Get Involved Now!

Students can sign up for the World Class Scholar program at their schools beginning in the seventh grade, but no later than ninth. 

The students commit to:

  • Graduate from high school with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better.
  • Complete a portfolio of materials annually.
  • Demonstrate a variety of interpersonal skills, including working with groups, leadership roles and respecting others. 
  • Complete at least 50 hours of community service and provide annual documentation of participation.