Apply for Graduation

Deadline For Graduation Applications: June 10

Students who apply prior to this date will have their information in the graduation program. Students who apply after this date will still be allowed to participate in the festivities, but will not have their information in the program.

If you are nearing graduation you need to submit an application for degree to the Admissions and Records Office. This starts the process of evaluating your transcript for degree completion.  You’ll need to submit a separate application for each certificate or degree you plan to earn.

Ideally, you should complete this application two quarters before you plan to graduate. It must be submitted no later than the start of your final quarter. Students graduating for spring 2021 must apply by June 10th 2021 in order to be included in the graduation program. Students interested in being considered for our “Top 10 Scholars” must apply for graduation by May 31st 2021 for consideration for this honor award. 

Applications for a degree and certificates are available below.

Disclaimer: The enrollment services office is currently implementing a new software system. We will review graduation applications in the order that they are received. Processing time is currently taking six to eight weeks. If you do not hear from the staff after eight weeks, please know that you have been moved forward for spring commencement, pending winter/spring quarter grades. If we need anything further from you, we will contact you.