eLearning Faculty Request Forms

Course Shell Request

If you are teaching a face-to-face class but wish to use Canvas to manage grades, post class materials, proctor exams, accept assignments, and more, please fill out the following form. E-learning at GHC will create your course and make sure it is populated with your most current roster.

Canvas Shell Request Form

Canvas Course Merge Request

This form may be used to request that the e-Learning department merge two or more courses, allowing faculty to manage multiple sections under one Canvas classroom. Changes made in the master course section will apply to all students in the merged sections.  

1.  Course merges are not in every case FERPA compliant and must be reviewed and approved for compliance by the Associate Dean for Library, e-Learning, and Learning Support Services.

2.  Course merger consideration will take into account the following: 

  • If the classes are clustered in the current schedule, 
  • If they are hybrid or face to face, and are scheduled to meet together,  
  • If they regularly depend upon one another for academic or valid administrative purposes.  

Canvas Course Merge Request Form