GHC Study Space on Campus Open to Students During COVID-19 Remote Operations

Posted on: Nov, 13, 2020

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The Study Space is a place for students to get technological support on GHC’s Aberdeen Campus in the 4000/Schermer Building.  The Study Space is available for Students from 10am – 4pm Monday thru Friday.  GHC and our Student Government will be offering the following resources in the space:

  • Access to campus WIFI (please bring your own laptop, but we do have a couple available for use within the study space on a first-come, first-serve basis)
  • Access to print items related to course work
  • In-person Student Assistance Team (STAT) support for technology needs
  • Access to the Harbor Landing Food Bank Snack Cabinet Program
  • Student ID Printing – Make an appointment

In order to use the space, all students must abide by the following expectations:

  • You will enter the building on the second floor entrance (closest to the parking lot and gym)
  • You must check-in when entering the building and abide by the campus COVID response protocols
  • You must wear a mask at all times when inside the building (no exceptions)
  • You may only eat food in the designated area
  • You may not enter any other areas of the building unless you are attending a pre-scheduled class or meeting