Dr. William Dyer: Faculty

Dr. William Dyer: Faculty Photo

What subject(s) do you teach?

Music; Bachelors of Applied Science - Teacher Education (BASTE)

In addition to teaching lecture courses I direct the Grays Harbor College Jazz Ensemble, Grays Harbor College Steel Drum Ensemble, and the Grays Harbor Symphony Orchestra and Pit Orchestra.

What about your subject(s) gets you passionate?

I began performing on the trombone when I was 8 years old, and love making music! It is my driving force and makes me feel alive.

Why do you love teaching at GHC?

I love instructing the incredibly talented students we work with, and teaching a variety of subjects. GHC has music graduates contributing to the arts throughout the United States.

I am confident our BASTE graduates will become leaders in the field of education.

What are some of the cool experiences students can look forward to in your classes?

In my music classes students can expect to rehearse and perform in a safe environment where we collectively are working to improve our sound and experience new music. We have the opportunity to perform in a beautiful concert hall, the GHC Bishop Center for the Performing Arts.

The GHC BASTE students can expect to receive current research and pertinent instruction from an experienced teacher with past and present-day practice in private and public K-12 schools as well as higher education.

What is your favorite part about working at GHC?

People! I meet interesting, colorful people every day working in the music department and the BASTE department. The relationships I make help drive me to come to work. I miss our community of musicians and look forward to when we can meet in person once again!

Are you working on any research projects/ books / etc. that you can tell us about?

I finished helping contribute revisions to a recently published book by Robert C. Musser called Expression: The Essence of Music on musicianship. I continue my doctoral research into the development and maintenance of identity in aging recreational musicians.

I have also been leading the virtual GHC Bishop Center for the Performing Arts presentations each Friday!

What do you do when you’re not teaching at GHC (that you’d be comfortable sharing publicly)?

I have performed with amateur and professional ensembles both in the United States and abroad. I joined the Tacoma Concert Band in 1992 and have been featured as a soloist for subscription concerts and overseas travels.

I’m currently completing a 4-year term on the Aberdeen School Board of Directors.

My other passion is my family. We have become even closer during this pandemic. My wife keeps me honest and loves me simply the way that I am; and our two children fill me with hope for the future.

Anything else students should know about you or your classes?

I welcome all musicians, regardless of past experience or music reading ability! Email me and we can talk about making music at GHC! bill.dyer@ghc.edu