Roina Ma’afala

Roina Ma’afala

Roina Ma’afala, sophomore and recipient of the Transforming Lives Scholarship for GHC, came to Grays Harbor College on a volleyball scholarship from Hawaii.  The plan to go to college has always been a part of her life.  Initially after high school, Roina thought she wanted a break from playing, but times on the stands watching games made her realize that she wanted to play at the college level.

“I have always planned on going to college. My parents raised myself and my four younger siblings to strive for more.  I am the first to go to college in my immediate family and I see myself as setting an example for my siblings.   I hope to play volleyball at a 4-year institution in Hawaii, next year, while I earn my bachelors in pharmacy,” explains Roina

Additionally, Roina keeps herself extremely active and involved.  Besides maintaining successful grades and being Captain of the Grays Harbor College Volleyball team, Roina is the Executive Officer of Community Relations of the Associated Students of Grays Harbor College Executive Board. Roina also enjoys volunteering at the Montesano Senior Center and Coaches Club Volleyball.

“I don’t want to just stay at home and do nothing.  I prefer to be busy and productive,” says Roina.

Roina is inspired by their parents and siblings to continue working towards their goals.

“I had a really hard time leaving Hawaii to come to GHC.  I knew it was a great opportunity, but my family is very close.  However, my family are physical reminders of my goals and where I want to be in life,” describes Roina. 

Roina’s advice to other students is to, “Ask for help. When you come to college many think that the expectation is that we are all adults, so we don’t need help, but adults need help too.  So we need to ask for it.  Additionally, be self-motivated.  Go out and get what you want and work hard for it.”

Roina was nominated by Head Women’s Volleyball Coach and Assistant Athletic Director, Christine Nelson.