Taylor Miller

Taylor Miller

Executive Officer of Budgets for the Associated Students of Grays Harbor College, Taylor Miller graduated last spring with his AA and is currently in his first year of the Bachelors of Applied Science in Organizational Management program at GHC.  He has overcome a learning disability and has worked on his prioritizing skills to become a very successful student and student leader.  Taylor grew up in Westport, has been an active member of Student Life for the last two years, and is passionate about driving racecars in his free time.

“I decided that, because of the affordability and the closeness to home, GHC was the best option for me.  It was always in the plan for me to attend college.  My parents and I wanted to set [me] up for a good career and the best life possible,” explains Taylor.

Taylor is an active member of student government.  He is passionate about student involvement.

“I enjoy being able to be a voice to the administration and that students’ voices are heard at GHC,” says Taylor.

After GHC, Taylor is considering three career directions.  He is interested in potentially working as a bank loan officer, working for a non-profit, or working in the college system.  Eventually, Taylor plans to get his masters.

“I just want to live a fulfilling life and do what I love.  I believe in giving back to my community,” describes Taylor.

When asked what inspires him to keep working on his goals, Taylor says, “I have never quit anything I have started. So, with that mentality, I won’t give up.”

Taylor’s advice to his fellow students is, “It is okay to be uncomfortable, but you need to put yourself out there and try the things that you want to do, even if it is scary.  You might be surprised [by how] much you enjoy it.”

Taylor was nominated by Director of Student Life, Aaron Tuttle.