Business Club

Meeting Time/Location: 1:00 PM, Wednesdays / Location TBD

The Grays Harbor College Business Club offers students the opportunity to practice real world business skills by participating and creating workshops and fundraisers while networking with like-minded students.


To create a lasting community of like-minded individuals embodying the entrepreneurial spirit.


  • Establish professional Inclusive relationships with the community, GHC staff, and students. (networking)
  • Support individuals who possess creative ideas with marketing techniques to display their talents.
  • Learning about business in all aspects, accounting, leading, finance, advertising, marketing, entrepreneurship, etc...
  • Develop an understanding of how businesses become profitable and provide a good or service to society while establishing strong social responsibilities. (this is about creating profit while considering the community when making decisions, for example: making clothes is eco-friendlier when using hemp; does the company recycle?)
  • Encourage others to learn about business through leadership meetings, workshops and events.

Club Activities

  • Student Benefits Package- provide information on discounts available to them as college students from corporations plus information about discounts for Grays Harbor Students from small businesses.
  • Fundraisers- opportunities to practice the full spectrum of business by creating, marketing for and conducting a fundraiser.
  • Attending as a group, workshops or seminars that will encourage members to continue in the business world, furthering their business interests through education.
  • Create workshops for students as they prepare to enter into the workforce (such as interview techniques, resume’s, thank you letters, job seeking skills etc..)
  • Support Grays Harbor Students- funds not re-incorporated into the Business Club will be donated to the college via book scholarships.

Club Restrictions



Meeting Minutes