How many times per month can I visit Harbor Landing?
Both students and community members are able to visit Harbor Landing any week that we are open!

I have class when you are open, is there a way for me to pick food up another day?
Yes. Harbor Landing has appointments available from Monday-Thursday from 9am-5pm. To make an appointment, email your name and desired appointment date and time to mitchell.margaris@ghc.edu. You can even request to pick up at a different location on campus!

Why do students and community members have different shopping lists?
Two of our key partners are the Grays Harbor College Foundation, and Coastal Harvest. Coastal Harvest provides food for both students and community members, while the Foundation provides us with funds to purchase food – these funds are directed towards providing assistance for students.

Can I visit Harbor Landing after I graduate?
Absolutely! Since we serve both community members and students, your status as a student does not affect your access to Harbor Landing once you graduate.

Is Harbor Landing open during breaks?
Yes. The goal is always to stay open year round, with the help of an amazing team of volunteers. There will be limited days that the pantry is closed for holiday. Check out our Hours and Calendar page.