Grays Harbor Activities Board

The purpose of the Grays Harbor Activities Board is to provide social, cultural, recreational, and educational opportunities for the campus community through a yearly series of student initiated campus activities, programs, and events. These programs and events provide opportunities for students to be engaged outside of the classroom and include social, civic, fine arts, special events, educational, athletic, and health and wellness programs.


Participating as a student leader on the GHAB provides students with practical experience in program selection, organization, publicity, implementation and evaluation, creation and maintenance of budgets and contract negotiations, communication skills, group processes, dynamics and leadership skills. The student coordinators roles are to ensure a quality series of programs, events and activities. Their role is also to recruit new students to plan and organize, implement programs, events, activities and to establish year-to-year continuity in programming.

The Board is composed of three (3) Coordinators. The Coordinators are as listed:

Getting Involved

If you are interested in being more active on campus or working with the Activities Board, contact Richard Arquette or reach out to any of the coordinators listed above.