Intramurals at GHC

Words With Friends (well, Scrabble basically) Intramurals at GHC

Current Standings

  • Leaderboards heading into Week 5 (final week before playoffs!)
Position Team Name Player 1 Player 2 Change
1st place Lake Nelson Julie Nelson Jason Lake +0
2nd place Writing Center Tom Stearns Amanda Wells +3
3rd place Spicy Ladies Cindy Jasper Tricia Mcintosh -1
4th place Spell You Later Shelly Hoffman Traci Collechi -1
5th place Team 5 Will Rider Stacey Quarles +0
6th place NT24 Susan Schreiner Stacey Savino +0
7th place Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Margo Hood Richard Arquette +0




Margo Hood (assistant for VP of Student Services)
Richard Arquette (Director of Student Life)


Susan Schriener, Associate Dean for Library, E-Learning
Stacey Savino, Assistant Dean for Financial Aid



Julie Nelson, Faculty – Chemistry
Jason Lake, OCM Coordinator



Shelly Hoffman, Student Govt
Traci Collechi, Student Govt

TEAM 5 (send me your team name ASAP!)

Stacey Quarles, Program Assistant
Will Rider, Athletic Director



Amanda Wells, Student
Tom Stearns, Faculty - English



Cindy Jasper, Program Coordinator
Tricia McIntosh, Faculty - Transitions



Important dates

Registration Oct 12-31
Preseason Week Oct 31 – Nov 7
Regular Season Nov 8 - Dec 12
Playoffs & Championship Dec 13 - 19

What is the game?

Words with Friends 2 is a Scrabble-style game playing on smartphones or in a web browser. It’s a ton of fun! We’ll be playing Words with Friends 2, the second version of the game. Players may optionally choose to play Words With Friends Classic, or the original Words With Friends.

Who can play and how do I get started?

Anyone who is a full or part time student or employee of Grays Harbor College during Fall 2020 quarter is eligible to play. This includes community special interest classes! Family and friends who are NOT part of the college are ineligible to play.

How do teams work?

This is a tournament for teams of two. You can register by yourself, but know that you will be teamed with others. If we have registrants less than three left over at the end of team assignments, then those people will be unable to play this season.

Each week, all teammates play a match. The wins / losses will be tabulated and go on your season record. The top teams with the best season records will continue past the end of the season in to the playoffs.

How much does it cost?

For our inaugural launch of esports intramurals we are waiving the $5 per person registration fee. Intramurals are a great way to help build up our community as well as providing a fun fundraiser for our program, and we plan to put the $5 registration fee back into use next season.

What is the prize?

We have a pair of modest trophies for the winning teams! There are two titles - one for the team with the most points at the end of the season, and another for the team with the best (or most hilarious) team name.

How do I register?

Head on over to the registration form by clicking the button below

When do I play my opponents?

Once your week’s matchup is determined, your team will have the full week to play your opponents. Words with friends can be played across multiple sittings, so we suggest you start your game early in the week to make sure you have enough time to play.

When and how do I get my weekly matchup?

We’ll send out an email each week to all teams - use this email to get in touch with your opponent, schedule a game, and start playing.

How do I connect with my opponent?

There are two main ways we recommend connecting - if you and your opponent both play Words with Friends 2 on Facebook, sending a friend request is the easiest way to start a game.

If one or both of you do not have Facebook accounts, you can also play the game on mobile (Android or iOS). After installing the game on your smartphone, you’ll get a username in the game. Send this username to your opponent to add as a friend, and start playing!

How do I install the game?

If you want to use a smartphone to play, head over to the App Store on iOS or the Google Play Store on Android, and install the free Words with Friends 2 game.

If you’re using a desktop or laptop computer, we recommend using the Facebook version of the game. Search up “Words with Friends” on Facebook, and click Play Game to get started.

How do we report scores?

The winning team needs to send in the score to You can take a screenshot on your smartphone, or use the Snipping Tool on Windows (if using Facebook) to record the score and send it in.

If absolutely neither of you can get a screenshot, typing the name of the winner in an email works. We trust people to be honest and respect the integrity of play :)

Scores must be reported by Sunday at noon to, or both teams forfeit points for that match.

How do I see how my team is doing?

We’ll include the ranks each week when we email out your matchups. At some point we may put the leaderboards up on a website for you to check directly, but for now we’re powered by email - quick & simple :)

What are the rules for the game?

The default Words with Friends game, each matchup is best of 1 game only - no rematches!

Who do we contact if there’s a problem?

Email and we’ll get on it.