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Welcome to the Grays Harbor College Fitness Lab!

Fitness Lab 170, 171, and 172
This is an exercise system designed, not only to increase fitness levels and fulfill a PE requirement, but also to develop healthy lifestyle habits for the participants. The program utilizes alternating stations of high repetition weight training and aerobic activity followed by stretching to develop strength, cardiovascular fitness, and flexibility. Individual programs will be modified to accommodate the needs dictated by athletics, injuries, occupational requirements, health concerns, and personal goals. The instructor is here to help you develop a safe and effective program. We invite you to visit our facility and see what we have to offer!

Where, What and When
We are located next to the gym in room 506. Inside you will find 22 stations on our Life Fitness strength and aerobic circuit, including: Lifecycles, cross trainers, stair steppers, an aerobic slide, dumbbells, a Versa trainer, Resist-a-balls, a total hip machine, treadmills, a Ballast Ball and lots of enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle!

Who (Our Staff)
Pam Aho is your Fitness Lab instructor. Her goal is to equip students with the knowledge and skills to train safely and effectively now and lifelong. Please contact her voicemail at 538-4208.

Are You a PE Phobic?
Advisers often tell us that many students are reluctant to enroll in PE courses because of previous negative gym class experiences and/or low self-confidence. The PE staff wants those students to know that we are eager to change that for you!

Our Fitness Lab program offers a unique opportunity for individualized instruction in a non-threatening, supportive atmosphere. Frequently our most hesitant participants become our loudest cheerleaders!

Reduced stress, improved appearance and confidence, more energy, and fewer aches and pains are just some of the benefits our students realize. This program can be tailored to adapt to many kinds of limitations and our staff would be happy to explain our program to those contemplating enrollment.

Many of our students have progressed to pursue new and more challenging PE classes and activities and have suddenly found that a graduation requirement has become a lifestyle change!

Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced?
Remember when registering for a PE class that the level designations are sequential. You must complete beginning to take intermediate and you must complete intermediate to take an advanced class. The classifications do not refer to your fitness category, but indicate whether or not you have received college credit for that particular course number. Regardless of your skills, enroll in the beginning level of the course initially, progressing to intermediate and then advanced levels. Skipping a level is not permitted.


We extend a warm welcome to our staff and faculty members. Reducing stress, managing weight, improving health, and buoying attitudes are only four of the reasons to visit us!


One of the surest ways to succeed in Fitness Lab is to get off on the right foot! That means complete your orientation in the first round. The schedule for Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Fitness Maintenance students is posted on the door of the Fitness Lab at the beginning of each quarter, so be sure to be in the right place at the right time.


Students who have completed PE 170 and 171 and wish to continue their healthy lifestyle habits may register for PE 082 Fitness Maintenance. This is a non-credit option with a $25 fee. Similar versions are available in any PE activity class for students who have completed the beginning and intermediate levels of that class.


Students and staff are encouraged to take advantage of the recreation hours in the Fitness Lab. The times change quarterly based on classes offered. Check with Pam Aho or Gary Arthur for the current schedule. Get on your gear and athletic shoes and make fitness a habit!

There are lots of reasons to get in shape:

You can workout to get better strength.

Or you can workout to get better flexibility.

Or to get better endurance. Or to get better posture.

Or to get better energy.

You can workout to get better abs.

Get in shape! Or you can workout to get better.

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