Mission, Vision, and College Priorities


Grays Harbor College inspires our students and enriches our community by providing positive growth through learning.


Grays Harbor College provides meaningful and engaging learning opportunities and support services to enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of our students and support the cultural and economic needs of our community. 

College Priorities

  • Enrich student learning
  • Promote student, faculty, and staff success
  • Foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive learning environment
  • Ensure effective, efficient, and sustainable use of college resources
  • Strengthen enrollment, partnerships, and pathways to student achievement

      This dashboard contains measures of student progress &                            completion that are disaggregated by various demographic markers,        and compared with in-state peer institutions.

  College Planning Summary              Scorecards

        Scorecards for each of GHC's five college priorities showing current          progress towards the 2019-2026 institutional effectiveness goals.