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Greetings and Welcome to Grays Harbor College!

Dr. James E. Minkler, President of Grays Harbor CollegeA year ago, I accepted the offer to become president of Grays Harbor College. I was the "new person" and a little intimidated, perhaps like many of you are feeling right now. But I quickly learned what a great place I had relocated to – I met caring, conscientious faculty focused on helping their students learn, along with dedicated staff who go above and beyond every day to lend assistance to students and campus guests. I met the grounds crew, office assistants, business staff, the bookstore clerks and the food service providers, the maintenance and custodial teams, to mention a few, all who take such pride in their day-to-day efforts on this campus. I met students who were so inspired they changed courses or even career plans because someone at GHC sparked their intellectual curiosity.  I discovered that our students have one of the highest rates of completion among community colleges in our state, successfully transferring all their entire transfer degree to a university or landing a good job after completing one of our career technical programs. 

At the same time, I got acquainted with the extracurricular aspects of GHC. I went to live performances at the Bishop Center. I cheered on our Choker athletic teams. (I also learned that a Choker represents the mightiest and most courageous job in the logging industry!) I observed students helping each other in our Tutoring Center and I heard others talk about new friends they made in a club they had joined. (GHC has more than 15 active clubs each year.) I discovered the resources of our Diversity and Equity Center, the vast knowledge to be found in the Spellman Library and the various ways students in need are helped swiftly and with discretion by programs like TRiO, WorkFirst and our own Student Success Center. I enjoyed the impressive talents of our visual fine arts students in our library art gallery, music students in concert and our theater arts students on stage. 

Before much time had passed, I knew I had made the right decision to come to Grays Harbor College. I felt like I had arrived “home.” That is my hope for you as well, that you will soon find GHC to be the best decision you have made for your future. The reasons for coming to GHC vary dramatically, but our commitment to you is unchanging – to provide the best quality learning environment for all. 

I look forward to meeting you on campus, or perhaps online during the 2017-18 school year. 

James E. Minkler, Ph.D